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What's Your Plans?

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I've got a MN archery tag in my pocket, but not sure I'll make opening day (next Wednesday) because I leave Thursday morning for the Black Hills.  Just a quick, long Easter weekend.  Pretty excited to be back chasing Merriams.    


The following weekend is a meet & greet with the women who will be hunting in the Women in the Outdoors mentored archery turkey hunt.  This will be at my archery club, Chilakoot Bowhunters.  They will participate in a 3D shoot and learn some of the info needed on their hunt later in May.  We'll let them know what to expect on the hunt and have them shoot from blinds and learn some hunting and calling techniques.


First weekend in May, I'll be in Wisconsin with the young son of a good friend, trying to get him his 1st bird.


The following week will see us in WS (season D) for a full 5 days.  We camp and hunt pretty hard.  Got 3 tags for this week!


The next weekend is the women's hunt.  This is a ton of fun.  5,000 acres owned by the U of M.  We stay right at the facility just like a big hunting camp.  Most of these women have never hunted anything and listening to them telling their stories after the hunt each day is a true pleasure.


In between all this I'll try to fill my MN tag before and after work, or whenever I can get a free couple hours.


Told my wife I'll see her in June. :D






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Sounds like a busy spring Don, I wish I had more time available to try some other states I've wanted to hunt for a while now. 


My plans include SD Black Hills the weekend after you with the possibility of going to NE if we tag out early, I'll wave as we go by you on I90.   D season in SE MN with a surplus WI tag just in case.   E season near La Crosse, WI with a couple rookies.  F season up in the air, might consider another WI surplus tag if they are still available and bird numbers look good the previous weekends.  

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Sounds like you are ready to go. Best of luck to all you bring out this spring. I will be out as much as I Can all spring. This year I do not have ball until June. I turned down a tournament in NE this weekend. I want to scout for next week MN,For me and a buddies kids.

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Awesome plan Don!  


Im helping friends and kids in ND this weekend. After that I've got my own 2 kids and several other kids in MN to try get a bird. I'll get a chance if a double opportunity pops up after a kid gets one.  I don't really care if I shoot one- more fun watching the kids have fun! 

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Well here are my plans...


I have a season A tag for MN. So I’m going to use my bow but by the end of the week the 12 ga. Might get the start. Hunting the whole week this year! So I’m pretty stoked! 


might get an season E tag in Wisconsin and hunt with my buddy but we are talking about doing a moose shed hunt/ steelhead fishing on the north shore... 



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Good luck boys and girls. Got out and scouted more this weekend. Saw plenty of birds and man are they talking in the morning. I will not be able to hunt a full day until the weekend. Just after work to start the season off.


Looks like some rain for Wednesday, so i'm going to pack up one of my blinds for that night. Hoping it's done by the time i get out of work.


Thinking of heading back to NE and getting my last tag and run and gun the cedar hillsides down there.


Still have WI season E (two tags) if I can make it work might even try F.

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Gotta love all the tags and opportunities available in Wisconsin!


Well my Black Hills plans got pushed back a couple days because of the 22" (!) of snow they got last week.  We're now leaving this Saturday instead of Thursday.  That will give me a couple opportunities here at home before we leave.  :D


Good luck to all those who get to hunt the opener tomorrow!


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Good luck everyone! I’m stuck in the dakotas for work until Friday! Might try to sneak out Friday evening if I have time, otherwise will be out all weekend with my boys.

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