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I noticed on the way to work yesterday an interesting issue with my dashboard lights.  When driving the back light on my radio is on and the back light behind my dashboard display is off.  When I hit the brakes the lights alternate, my dashboard lights come on and my radio light goes off.  When I let off the brake they alternate back to radio light on dashboard light off.  Each time I hit my brakes they alternate. 


Any guesses as to a cause or culprit?


Its a 2006 Mazda 3 for reference. 

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Posted (edited)

When its wonky its usually a ground issue. Have you looked to see if your tail/brake lights are working correctly?

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Forgot to post the results after checking out my lights.  All lights are working as they should except the small break light that is in the center of my trunk but that one has been out for quite awhile.  If I turn on my headlights then all of the backlights on the dashboard/radio turn on and stay on with no alternating or turning off when I hit my breaks.  If I leave my headlights off thats when i get the alternating back lights when hitting my brakes.  Not sure I want to dig too far into this unless it could be a symptom of a larger issue.  Its an old car with lots of creaks and rattles.  Some alternating lights just had some extra mood lighting. 

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    • I recognized pheasantpete’s handle.  Been registered since 2008 and posted in this thread back in ‘14.  Maybe he just finally checked his notifications. 😁     Never heard of a spammer that was THAT patient! 🤣
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    • I say don't keep any gas in anything that is going to sit. Any problems with fuel are water problems not the alcohol. You take out the alcohol in Minnesota in winter you get frozen fuel lines. This was common in winter for decades until ethanol was added but they used isopropyl rather than ethyl alcohol. In fact many of the " remedies" are just other forms of alcohol. If you get so much water in the fuel that the alcohol gets saturated and phases out then you have a contamination issue and the problems won't be solved by  removing the alcohol. You will just have more unbound water sitting at the bottom of your tank building sludge.   Lots of the problems with small engines are derived from the chemicals that come up with the crude in the well. Companies blend this into the fuel rather than pay to dispose of it and that is what gunk's up the fuel system. Gumout was invented long before ethanol and carb cleaner was a regular maintenance procedure needed because of those chemicals mucking up the fuel system. Alcohol is a very good solvent and it does a good job of cleaning up deposits left from those chemicals but as a consequence of that cleaning action you will get clogged Jets and such periodically. But in that case alcohol is the good guy that is cleaning up the dump left behind by the fuel. 
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