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Birds Everywhere!!!!

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23 minutes ago, smurfy said:

Love that bear in the tree picture.


We are up by jessie and bowstring lake in Itasca county and haven't had issues with bear with the sunflower seeds or suet cakes in a long time.


Drove by the Spring Lake Store for the first time last week after taking a mattress to the dump. I'm like "Uh oh, Smurf territory."  :D

Bear took out the in-laws crab apple tree 3 weeks ago on the south side of Jessie.

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Here are some pics I took last week of some of the birds on our deck feeders.   Male purple finch.   Red breasted nuthatch with the purple finch.   Male goldfinch.

Birds have been coming back to the feeders in the last week in abundance. And apparently an owl fed overnight on a little opossum and left me a present on the deck.    

Had a bunch of cedar waxwings, my 1st red breasted grosbeak, and a couple goldfinches in the last few days. No numbers of anything yet though. Also had a couple visits from this young lady. Smallest c

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29 minutes ago, Duffman said:


Drove by the Spring Lake Store for the first time last week after taking a mattress to the dump. I'm like "Uh oh, Smurf territory."  :D

Bear took out the in-laws crab apple tree 3 weeks ago on the south side of Jessie.

🤣😇oh Yea you were really close. When you took the bend just past the old school, we are just up 29 a bit and a right into the woods.


South side of Jessie, gotta be close to Riley's.

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19 hours ago, smurfy said:

Fishinstar, when those dang things star showing up I put out wasp traps. I got them at fleet farm years back. Just put some hummingbird juice in them.  I usually have to redo them about every 3 days now.

thanks for the tip I will have to try them next year. I have them by my apple trees trying to keep them out of the apples.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • My rainbow trout turned out pretty good. My smoke time was just under 3 hours. I ended up finishing it off in the oven. The fish had a nice smoke taste to it. I used apple chunks. I want to use alder next time.
    • I would think most smokers would have a hard time not getting too warm for cold smoking. But you could get a pellet tube and put it in your smoker and see where your at temp wise and just leave your smoker off and just get the heat from the pellet tube.
    • Big Chief electric smoker, top self of smoker (a little lower temp on top shelves). I don't have a temperature gauge in there yet. After doing some reading online, I think my temp is closer to 160.
    • What kind of smoker are you using?
    • Want to sell your 1890?  I'm looking for that exact boat.
    • Are there any good books, websites or forums for cold smoking? Any basic tips or info? I am trying cold smoking a chunk of rainbow trout today (around 140 degrees), Thanks minky
    • Trying new paint techniques on my new hens. Laying in the base colors on feather groups. The primaries are gonna get redone..
    • Sorry to hear about your adversity Scoot. You certainly do have your priorities right. Ryan will learn some great life lessons from these situations. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our best laid plans. I learned this personally the last 2 years. Had all kinds of plans. Then diagnosed with 2 cancers. Had to cancel a long planned first western hunt. Montana archery elk. Made it a goal to do that trip the next year which was last year. I fought and worked like hell to make that happen and it did. The goal was to get up on a Montana mountain top and hear a bull elk bugle.  Happened the first morning. Very emotional time. Didn't have to kill anything to fulfill a dream. All is well now and looking forward to a healthy fall. Hopefully you and Ryan will be back in the field shortly and be able to look back with an extra sense of appreciation and strength. As you know, cancer sucks.  Wishing your father healing and blessings for you all. 
    • Best of luck to your Dad and your family!
    • My season hasn't started like I had hoped.  No bears have touched our baits, so that was a bust.  But... I was super jacked about getting my on on his first elk hunt this Sep.  However, my dad has cancer and ended up in the hospital for the last six weeks.  I didn't feel like I could leave, so I put the trip on hold for a year.  I am really bummed to not be able to take Ryan to MT for his first elk hunt, but this deal trumps that, so we stayed home.  Ryan is pretty darn mature for a 15 year old boy and has handled it really well.  All of my time is being spent in my office, my dad's hospital room, and a little bit at home.  Not sure I'll be seeing the woods, field, or water much this Fall.  But I've got my priorities straight on this one and I'm blessed to be able to be here to help him through this deal.     I hope everyone else's Fall has started off with bang!  Good luck to all!!!
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