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    • But do all marinades tenderize?  I always thought they were just for flavor.
    • there are many marinates out there, so go with the flavors you like!!!!  
    • I use Wishbone Robusto Italian dressing. Most of the meat I marinade is feral pork from OK. Even the chops are tough. I cut them a little thinner than I would domestic pork and marinade them for 18 to 24 hours before grilling.
    • Too late, but an interesting idea.  What does everyone use for a tenderizing mariande?
    • I usually pour marinade into the packages of deer steaks right before I vacuum seal them to allow some of the marinade to be sucked into the meat. I leave them in the fridge 1 day to marinate before freezing. Not sure if this will help in your case but it couldn't hurt.
    • I have that tenderizer and it works good..  use that and then marinate if you wish...
    • I'll have to pass this on to 2 friends that are big fans of sous vide. Several other people and myself think the meat prepared this way seems like an incomplete dish. Like it should be part of a stew or soup but doesn't appeal to us as a stand alone meat. Searing before serving sounds like a good fix.
    • All good questions, they were new in the quiver. Arrows was in weeds tip in dirt but not barried and pretty confident didn't close. These have no o-rings or rubber bands. Was just mostly curious if others had issues with these or anybody had different ones to recomend. 
    • Sous vide.   It allows cooking a long time to break down collagen without overcooking and drying out the very lean meat.    Circulators are quite affordable these days, and you probably already have a vacuum sealer.   You can experiment with the time.   I would start at about 4-5 hours for steak.    It sure works for cheap sirloin beef.      After cooking, cool it down in a ice bath for a little while, pat it dry, and sear it for a very short time on a screaming hot cast iron pan or on a roaring grill.   Like 30 seconds to maybe a minute.   Get a crust without cooking the inside.   
    • @jay83196 yah, it looks weird with the hair pinched in there, I’ll give you that.  Just too hard to tell without having broad head in hand.  Those front deploying/over the top heads should swing open petty freely once released from whatever is holding them in.  Does your style use an O ring or pressure springs in the head?  I used Spitfires before and they have the pressure springs.  Once dirt or crud get in them they have to be totally disassembled and cleaned to work right again.  If the head went into the ground at all, the blades will pull back when you pull it out.   Any chance there was dirt in the ferrule before the shot?  Probably not but have to ask.  O ring retainer?   Donbo is right on about checking the holes in the chest cavity to see the true story.
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