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Tips On Hooks For Tip Ups And Northern

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A friend was out today and hooked a couple northern and had a decent muskie on.  He was concerned about the hook type and positioning when using large sucker minnows.  He is C&R and wants to limit the risk to the fish.  Can you share some ideas please.


Thanks for your time.



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I assume this was under tip ups?  I've been really curious about running circle hooks under tip ups, sort of like fishing for flatheads.  I've tried it but never had a flag while I was doing it.  I don't think that's the hooks fault though.  I have caught a bunch of walleye with circle hooks.  Corner of the mouth, just like a catfish.


I think the ultimate factor is how fast you can get the thing hooked more than the hook or positioning. 

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Either quick strike or circle is my choice, with a lean toward the circle hooks.  I think my landing success rate is even a little higher with the circle hooks.


I caught one pike yesterday on a circle hook that bled and I was really surprised.  That almost never happens.

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For the last few years I've been a fan of these both slip bobbering and under tip-ups with larger minnows. Not quite a circle hook, but plenty of space to get a good hook up without the bigger minnow interfering.  Still use a quick-strike rig on half of my tip-ups though.




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The Gammi’s are good!  This is a pic of my rig.  I just run 20 lb fluorocarbon to the snap and change hook sizes as needed and run the Gammi circles.



This didn’t turn out like I expected but this pike had my rig all the way around his lower jaw and didn’t cut the flouro.  It’s the same leader I used all last year, landing up to 30+ inchers.



And what do you do when you forget your tip up?  Make the next best thing with what you have.  A twist tie and candy wrapper was my flag for the weekend.



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