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We have no problem catching walleyes on LOTW during the open water months during daylight hours. We have never been able to do good through the ice during the day. Not a problem during late afternoon. I fish out of Morson and have a trailer at Mylies. Any help as to general areas and depth would be appreciated.

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Early morning and evening we usually fish reefs 15 to 19 feet keep moving. I'm at morson right now off a point 22 feet and doing  ok. Mainly out checking ice and finding about 14 inches.





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    • Standard auto/trailer lights, clearance, signal, break etc. use 16AWG wire. There based on 13.8vdc (altimeter charging voltage) with a 5% volt loss for wire length. Inside your Yetti, the greatest 12vdc current draw will be your furnace, 35,000 BTU suburban draw 9 amps. Fishing electronics (FL-8 205ma, FL-28 275 ma, camera 300ma, 12v TV 480ma) 1000ma = 1Amp. Use LED lights, the draw about 20% current compared to iridescent lights.If you decide to use a 12vdc to 120vac converter to charge your auger batteries, I suggest you direct connect the converter to your battery with wire and clamps provided.  Wire size calculator to help decide what you need https://www.wirebarn.com/Wire-Calculator-_ep_41.html
    • Voltage drop needs to be considered as well that is the only reason why I am thinking of just going with 12 AWG. I was just thinking of buying a roll each of red and black stranded THHN for 12VDC but curious if that be a bad idea and should use something like a marine type cable but that seems over kill?  https://www.amazon.com/American-Tinned-Oxygen-Copper-Sheathed/dp/B0799HTZB5/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?keywords=marine+cable&qid=1580136110&sprefix=marine+cable&sr=8-12
    • Or read and follow the instructions that came in the box with your new Garmin Nuvi GPS with Lifetime updates. And Not hit unsafe Links on Internet sites that really don't apply with the subject matter!  😉
    • got ya, my pellet smoker goes down to 150, that's why I was wondering...  I have done all the chicken cuts too except wings!!!
    • It all depends on the load you intend to be using. The higher the amperage draw the thicker the wire you will need so it doesn't overheat the wire. Led's use a fraction of an amp. 12 gauge is for heavy draw and is what I use for an extension cord from the generator to my house. 
    • I like a lot of different lures, but fishing stained waters, I usually start out with a chrome blue Rippin' Rap #7. H L
    • Guinness battered and fried with a dash or two of malt vinegar is another favorite.
    • Tie with a GT knot and you won't be needing super glue.
    • I use the 1/8oz stand up fireball more often than other jigs. 2" grub or sizmic shad, or half a nightcrawler, usually. H L
    • The customers receive Free lifetime Updates Garmin Nuvi for their Garmin GPS device. These updates are meant to fix the bugs that pop up in the previous versions of the software. Along with that, they are also meant to make the Garmin device even better. Let us see how you install the Garmin Nuvi Updates free on your Garmin device.    1. Connect your device 2. Install Garmin Express 3. Access or purchase Garmin Updates 4. Disconnect your Garmin device
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