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2nd Smitty Sled Build

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I built a Smitty Sled years ago and it worked great. But I had issues with it dragging on the snow and ice when trying to change directions. So I went and built a new sled that uses 2 sets of skis where the front skis would turn and help steer the sled. It is a rough build and I still plan on paining it. But I gave it a trial run and it seems to work pretty well. The only thing I think I will had is a stiffener board across the front of the plywood so the weight of my sled doesn't cause it to flex and rub on my cross member and a couple bungees connecting teh front ski supports to the rear ski supports so it doesn't over steer and tracks a little straighter.


I made a video and posted it to youtube.


Smitty Sled #2











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Nice build! Are you using a simple caster as the turning assembly? How do you mount the skiis? I've drilled up from the bottom but have always wondered if there is a mounting style with less drag

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Brackets mounted to the skis are countersunk for a 1/4-20 flat head cap screw. The turning assembly is just a 5/8" bolt. I found some PVC flanges at the local hardwae store that had a nice slip fit over the bolt. I have one in the cross board and one in the plywood with a washer in between. I can take more photos to show the detail.

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Did you have any problem with the cutoff end of the skis? Unprotected wood getting wet? 

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I know nothing about the types of skis. I got the K2 skis for free from a guy on facebook. I got the front skis at a church sale for $3. They are kids skis. Also got a pair of cross country skis. My sons wants to make a smaller shed for the accessory sled he pulls. 

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haven't had a chance to really try it out yet. But we just got 9 inches of snow today. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Great advice and sounds like you have had some great times on the great Upper Red Lake!  The difference on Red from having a good day to a great day can be as much as moving 20 feet away!  From what you explain I would try to befriend a local or rent an ice auger and bring with the cold gear.  Rent your house like you are and then throw the auger in the car and explore or just pop holes in the area of your house so you can get out enjoy the uniqueness of fishing outside and your chances for landing more fish increases greatly opposed to hard house fishing.  Good Luck!!
    • I have been here a good 17 years and I think there is only about 1 guy left here that I have met in person. Back in the day I knew and met several members who were frequent posters on FM. I met quite a few of them through the BP Catfish League but I think most of those guys are long gone.
    • Ok getting things back on track.  Next month will be my 14th year and I think I've only met one other member.  Met Frank (Surface Tension) several years back on Fish Lake near Duluth.  He was incredibly helpful and generous sharing his knowledge of the lake.  If I remember right my dad and I drove up and Frank called saying the forecast looked like rain for the entire day.  Well my dad and I were already on the way and were going to fish rain or shine so Frank and his son still geared up and met us for some fishing.  I don't remember exactly how the day broke down but I remember get really wet but also catching a lot of nice fish.  I've fished the lake a lot since but that was my best day by a long shot. 
    • I am making Christmas jerky packs for gifts by request   so where do I send my request??!!!  enjoy them good eats!!!
    • Thanks Frank. Your another member I have met about 5 times sledding, Twig swap, old Bside Bash and never got in front of the camera?  🙂   Lets get this thread back on track about meeting folks on this site for Outdoor activities and stop giggling about a guys titties! 🙄
    • Don't let him fool ya, he used to be known as LMIT OUT. 😁
    • Here you go just for you! I don't hunt that spot anymore anyway. Best time to be in that stand is in the evening!  😉   N 47.048424 W 94.735163
    • Signs of life again, man we are like a yoyo team. Real test will come against Calgary, they seem legit this year and just stomped us pretty hard a week or so back. 
    • that looks good already!!!!!!!!!!! was thinkin of doing that too, why did you cut the dark meat off?????? just asking for future reference!!!!