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More Humming Birds

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57 minutes ago, Duffman said:

Mrs. Duff would like to thank you gentlemen,  we are somewhat newbies in the hummingbird feeding world.

They stopped coming a couple weeks ago.

I showed her this thread and within hours of the advice here, we had hummingbirds back.

To boil or not to boil, that's da question.🤣

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23 hours ago, bobbymalone said:

I do use spring water and not the tap.  Burnsville tap water smells like the swimming pool.  I rarely use it for anything other than washing stuff.

Great advice, we'll do the same.  I also told her not to fill it too much..👍 

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20 hours ago, JBMasterAngler said:

Now I have go buy sugar 😩 I use raw honey to sweeten everything at home, so sugar has rarely ever been on our shopping list.


Huh.  yeahg I have  seen definitely not to use honey.   

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20 hours ago, JBMasterAngler said:

Switched to sugar water today, and it was a success! Saw a hummingbird buzzing around my pine tree, then landed on a branch (never seen a hummingbird NOT flying before), then buzzed over and helped himself to a drink 😁

I've seen alot of hummingbirds in trees, unless it's early spring with no leaves or you litterly follow the hummingbird pretty tough to spot them little buggers!!!!

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9 hours ago, JBMasterAngler said:

Is the sugar water slower to ferment, than nectar? Or does it ferment at all? I’ve had it out for a week, and they’re still loving it! Just wondering if I should be refreshing it at all.


All's I use is sugar water and I haven't had it go bad unless it is really hot out. Here are a couple of pics from last week.


This one just buried it's head in to it.




Here is one with it's tongue hanging out.




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