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I’ve been thinking about changing out my mallard, woodie, and teal deke anchors to Texas rigs and came across the Lifetime anchors that seem like they could be a better option.  The reviews were good.


I think I like the idea of the weight staying put and the decoy being the part that is sliding up and down the line instead of the weight sliding.  


I see I can order them ready to go or get a kit and reuse my old anchors and customize my line lengths.  I need to debate that option a little more.


Does anyone have experience with the Lifetime rigs vs Texas?

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Having a loop to grab under the decoy and having the decoy slide to the weight is preferable in my opinion.  Grab the loop, snap it on the carbiner and let the decoy float behind you as you go to the next decoy.  The best models have a loop on each end, a sliding snap swivel on one end and a sliding weight on the other end.

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I trialed some used home made rigs like the Lifetimes last night.  It was easy to make a tangled mess, especially with the mono lines.  I tried a couple different ways of deploying the dekes from the slotted bag and think I found the best way to do it.


I will replace the mono rigs with some coated cable though.  That will help.


Thanks for tip on having a loop on both ends.  I’ll make a few of those to try also.

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I rigged 4 dozen dekes with factory Lifetime rigs and tried them out over the weekend.  I like them so far but think I’ll like the custom rigs I make with the kit a little more.  I ordered 4 different lengths in 2 different weights to help figure out my preference.


One thing I know is I don’t like mushroom anchors.  I hunt in weedy areas and they just stay goobered up too much on retrieval.  I’ll try egg weights on my custom made rigs but think they’ll pull more weeds than I want too.  Bell weights seem nice.  I’ll keep experimenting though.


I find I’m not wanting to use the slotted decoy bags while I’m hunting with these rigs.  Seems like a waste of time and space to have them until I’m ready to put them away.


I did lose a carabiner the first day.  That’s something I have to get used to keeping track of.


Keeping in mind that nothing is perfect, I’ll rate them 8/10.  Pretty happy so far.

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