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Slow death rigs

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 I’ve been reading more and more about these but I don’t know anyone in my circle of fishing colleagues that uses them.  i’m thinking of adding them  to my walleye fishing arsenal but what can people tell me about them.   Do they have to be trolled behind a bottom bouncer? How fast you go with them?  Can you use them in any water type? For example, could I use them in dirty water or are they just a clear water fishing technique?

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I use them a lot and even make some of my own. You just have to experiment with what works best for you but I typically run them with a bottom bouncer. Lots of new blades and propeller looking spinners to work with now days. I like using the bottom bouncer to avoid snags and hold the rod in my hands and I can feel what kind of bottom its going over. 


Some days I have better luck with one hook and a half crawler, other days its 2 hooks and a full crawler or leeches. I just keep many rigs ready and simply detach and hook up another to the swivel on the bottom bouncer. Some days its just the color of the spinner that makes the world of difference. Your speed will vary also somedays they are more aggressive or others you need to go slower.


I like to make my own with a bent shank hook and a spinner blade and beads. It most stores you will typically only find a slow death rig with no blades and just the bent hook or a prop spinner. If you buy your own hooks, blades and beads and tie them yourself its much cheaper.


My go to is a slow death hook with a gold blade. Or a slow death with no blade and just your preferred color of beads works well also. We dont have alot of clear water here in SD so my experience may differ than others.

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We used to use them with great success for years but it seems lately that drop shotting is the way to go. 



1 minute ago, tacklejunkie said:

 How do you determine when to use blades or just a plain hook? Or is it just a preference thing?

Use one of those blade holders that let you switch blades out because color trends change all the time and it let's you easily switch until you find what works. 

Speed is also something that you need to experiment with. 

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32 minutes ago, tacklejunkie said:

 How do you determine when to use blades or just a plain hook? Or is it just a preference thing?


when you start seeing fish on the graph and they are not biting time to switch it up until you get some bites. Good thing about SD and being able to fish 2 lines and a couple guys in the boat. It doesn't take long to figure out what they are hungry for.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I still run my fl8 that I bought in 1996. I don’t need zoom and I have watched many friends with the new fancy locators not see fish under the ice. Not me I catch em. No stinking updates for my fl 8 and my fl 8 has fallen down the stairs more times then me. It still runs I had new brushes put in after I fell on it and smashed the casing. O yeah i fished all day with the smashed casing let’s see the new units do that. It’s fixedand runs perfect. Never notice the noise you guys are talking about as I am to busy catching fish!
    • Does that come with ear plugs to drown out all the noise?
    • Since there isn't a lot of covering ground I just don't need the last 30 seconds on a graph or a GPS map to know I've been sitting in the same spot for the last hour.  My phone is always on me when I need to move and I run navionics.  Half the year I'm in my truck when I'm on the move anyway.  If I'm on a dogsled in the bwca I have a handheld.   I'll stick to the flasher.   I upgraded to a bigger screen with the bird, but I just dont need a ton of features that really only make sense on a moving boat.   Just my two cents.
    • Graphs are nice for fishing in a boat for sure.  They show you the nice big history picture of what has already gone by and gives you a good view of what the changing bottom depths look like as you float around.  Really though, when your fishing in a little hole over the same bottom for an hour or all day. What’s the point?  The important part of a graph for ice fishing is that ¼” or so of edge on the far right and what is happening on it real time.  Which then, is just like a Flasher only giving you real time info and why I went back to one from my graph.   Worley Worley!  😉  
    • Good luck on your hunt, let us know how you do!
    • I have another weekend in me to fish and fight the winds and weather and then the boat will be done for the year.  Guess it is that time of the season but would really love to get another couple outings in but such is life! 
    • who uses flashers now days haha; I'm a helix convert now too, i was hesitant at first as the Lowrance had a LCD screen a few years ago for ice fishing but the lag was unusable, but hbird figured it out. Mapping, flasher screen if wanted, and sonar all in one, its like a smartphone; everything in one.   also, I have not had any interference issues with others using the helix, especially with all of hte chirp setttings
    • Looks like a good time