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Anyone have any good ideas for a DYI kayak rack?


wife and I have 2 kayaks and we just bought 2 more for the kids.


in the past hauling 2 in the bed of the truck or on my 6’x10’ trailer was quick and easy. Now that we have 4 I wanted to build something to set on the trailer.


any preferences to wood or white pvc pipe? Or use any other material? Wood would be  slightly heavy but sturdy and easy to work with. PVC would be lighter and easy to work also with but too fragile?


I would also like to speed up the tie down/loading process. I stacked them in piles of 2 on the trailer yesterday and it worked but took a little longer to get them all off and back on the trailer with straps and bungee cords. Last thing I want to be is the yahoo wasting everyone’s time at the ramp loading and unloading.


i was sort of thinking something similar to this:



Just trying to get pros and cons before I start. I already have one trailer the idea having another just for kayaks seems over kill. Plus having the rack would make storage easy in the garage when it’s not on the trailer.


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i bought a 4 x 8 trailer at mills. when hauling 4 yaks we just tip on sides and lock them down with straps. easy peasy. plus i can use the trailer for other things if needed. piggy back works with the yaks also.  

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I considered the laying on side method but my yak has rod holders, a mount for my helix unit and transducer bracket etc so not ideal especially if I add rod holders to any others.


here is my setup on mine:



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Posted (edited)

Does your 6x10 have stake pockets, or is angle iron around the outside?


Edited by rl_sd

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Yes it has 4 stake pockets never thought about incorporating them into a build. Then I wouldn't have to hack up or screw anything into the floor. The steel frame looks like this:




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