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Where everyone go?

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Seems like in the past this is a very active form in a great place to go to find out more, chat on fishing and ask questions but when I look at recent postings they nearly or nonexistent. Where did everyone go instead? Thank you.

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Unfortunately forums everywhere are dying. I think everyone is moving to Facebook.

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On 5/30/2018 at 2:18 PM, ANYFISH2 said:

Some of us are still here!

Feel free to ask questions and report your outings.  we would love to hear them.


^^^ This ^^^


If everyone who drops in is still interested in bass info, both getting and giving, post a little something.  I’m guessing people have been out or at least have heard some rumors.


I fished walleyes last weekend - no bass in sight.  Coulda gone for a couple smallies during the process though.

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The second HSO split into two sites was the death sentence for both.  HSO was a go to site for me every day to keep up with all the posts. Now I can visit once every two weeks and catch up in about 5 minutes. Now not even the old troll limitout posts anymore I don't think? Sadly, I kind of wish this site would disappear so I could delete it from my favorites bar. All good things must come to an end I guess.

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On 5/28/2018 at 7:52 PM, Bigguyone said:

 Where did everyone go instead? 


Facebook Groups.


https://www.facebook.com/search/groups/?q=fishing minnesota


There's a group for just about everything on Facebook and each one usually has thousands of members.

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Facebook is just a big pozi scheme to mine everyone's personal data and to sell it to the highest bidder and bombard you with advertising. I know this because I work in digital marketing and can make ads that follow people around on facebook. For those that still do bass fish like me and don't use facebook for anything other than making money off the weak minded it is nice to have a forum for just fishing. This one seems to be dying off but I still check back a few times a month in case I can help anyone out.



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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • For a good St. Croix rod, I'd look at the Avid series.  It's designed for bigger pannies and walleye.  The Mojo ice rod is also nice.  I've got a 28" medium one that works well on all walleye applications.  If you want a really good Croix rod, look at the CCI lineup.  I've got the 28" Perch/Eye spoon model.  For sensitivity, I don't think I have a more sensitive one.  Feels every nick and solid backbone to drive hooks home.  I pair most of my rods with either Jason Mitchell ones or the ICX-5 reel from Piscifun that came out last season.  Both are great quality reels.
    • ML or M Fenwick elite ice rod with any Pflueger should be dandy. If you are looking at other rod brands. 
    • I love my St. Croix Rod during the summer. A few years back I bought a St. Croix ice fishing rod/real combo for around $40.  The rod was OK, until the tip snapped off. The reel on the other hand was a total piece of junk. The drag was the worst part - clunky - would catch every half-turn. When the rod tip broke I didn't even keep the reel as a back-up, threw the whole thing in the trash.   That was my experience then. Maybe they've improved - also realize $40 doesn't buy you top of the line stuff, but was surprised to see St. Croix put their brand on such junk.      
    • BF Goodrich KO2's.   I have been running the KO's for years now and won't switch until something better comes along.  I drove the last three pickups I ordered straight from the dealership to the tire shop.  Had the stock tires removed and KO's put on.  This is the first vehicle with the KO2's and I really like them so far.  Have about 30K on them with no issues.  They are great in winter, excellent traction on the boat ramps and almost no squat when towing.  I went to these tires because the stock tires on a past truck pulled terrible.  They are E1 load rated, but still drive nice down the road when not towing.
    • Did not thought of that. This would work for family trips. How much would that cost you? I only have one carrier https://www.jeepsareus.com/sku/tckay883.html (wishing there would be a double deck for my kayaks. I am thinking of towing it if I would do this but my only problem is if it would not fall while I'm on the way. 
    • I have one, it's more than a few years old. The reel is pretty junky overall and the chrome paint flaked off the handle after a year.   I like Abu Garcia Cardinals.  I dont remember the size, but it's the smallest one they make.
    • We do that every February 14 but for Christmas we mix some alcohol that we will store for a year and drink that the next Christmas. 
    • Yeah I may have worded that wrong, should have said pairing I guess   Right now I'm looking at a Pflueger President size 20 reel but can not decide on a St Croix Mojo Ice 28" medium lite or St Croix Avid Ice 30" medium lite
    • Well, then I am definitely impressed with their work.
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