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Largemouth Bass Mounts

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Was wondering if anybody has a fiberglass mount of a Largemouth that they would like to post pics of?

It's now been 15 years since I caught my biggest bass (22 1/4"), and I've come to the conclusion that I will probably not top it.

So I'm interested in finally putting one up on the wall.


I'm guessing I would probably go with Artistic Anglers, but would love to hear if anybody has any other suggestions.


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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, IceHawk said:

Fibertech productions replica's Brainerd. Have a walleye done by them excellent work!


Thank you sir, I will check them out.


Phone pic of a disposable camera pic.

Wish I would have got a little more detail.

At sunset, lighting was bad.


Oct 21st bass.

Big mouth and head, belly was not oversized, but it was a tall fish all the way back.

No weight, but I am guessing it cracked 7 lbs.


I remember reading a couple years later after Mark Raveling broke the state record, and he said a 7 lb bass in MN is a once in a lifetime fish.


I now tend to agree with him.






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Posted (edited)

When doing a Repo it's best to have some good pictures for them to try and copy. Part of the issue is they make a lot of their fish off molds they have made over the years of different size fish.  Not sure if they have to make a new mold if the cost will be more?

That is why I have never had one done of this 36" inch Laker I caught and released a few years ago. It was really long but thin and all the molds the two company's I talked to had were big bellied Lakers from like Canada that didn't look anything like it. So I just didn't want to spend about $5-6 bills for a fish that didn't look much like the one I caught. :(




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