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Surface Tension

New Snow, Groomed Trails

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 Following Monday's snow we hit the Reservoir Trail out of Twig Wed afternoon.  Freshly groomed and what a sweet ride it was but too short  More snow in the forecast.   Ride When and What You Can. Going out Fri night.

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We launched at Normana  and started on the NSST ,,, That wasnt groomed yet so turned around and hit the RR trail to Fish lake ,,, Met the groomer heading east ,,, Gave him some time to do more grooming and had nice smooth ribbon like trail for the trip back 


NSST was groomed when we got back to the trailer 

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For any of you that have ever had a desire to do any sledding in the Black Hills... This is definitely the year to do it. This is by far the most snow that I have seen out there. On most years, you can get lucky to ride either the Northern or Southern hills... This year both are awesome and the meadows are full! I am hoping to get out there once more before the end of the month.

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rode Friday in aitkin county, trails had lots of loose powder on top after the 8 inches Thursday, very good riding. ditch riding was even better, plenty of deep snow to play in. getting another 6+ inches tonight, next weekend should also be good riding even with the warmer demps next week.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I agree to that statement. Losing Butler sucks, but I think it'll work out for the wolves. If you look at what we should get in return for Butler vs giving up Lavine, Dunn, and Markennan in the trade, we're doing alright. No way we could have kept Lavine with his huge contract and potential further injuries and Dunn (who I like as a player) probly won't get better than he currently is. Markennan is the one I wish we still had, but we should be able to pull a couple young shooters and maybe a draft pick or veteran in this Butler deal.    Time will tell.. 
    • Looks like it does have a cast bit on it... I assume from the ION-x
    • Nice, fat, very active crawlers on a lindy rig should drive the fish wild.   One of my most successful methods on inland lakes is a crawler with air injected into it on a Lindy.
    • No problem, cross the swamp (don't fall in) then up the hill. I didn't get a chance to eat the lobster until tonight, wasn't as good as ones I have harvested earlier in the fall.
    • I rigged 4 dozen dekes with factory Lifetime rigs and tried them out over the weekend.  I like them so far but think I’ll like the custom rigs I make with the kit a little more.  I ordered 4 different lengths in 2 different weights to help figure out my preference.   One thing I know is I don’t like mushroom anchors.  I hunt in weedy areas and they just stay goobered up too much on retrieval.  I’ll try egg weights on my custom made rigs but think they’ll pull more weeds than I want too.  Bell weights seem nice.  I’ll keep experimenting though.   I find I’m not wanting to use the slotted decoy bags while I’m hunting with these rigs.  Seems like a waste of time and space to have them until I’m ready to put them away.   I did lose a carabiner the first day.  That’s something I have to get used to keeping track of.   Keeping in mind that nothing is perfect, I’ll rate them 8/10.  Pretty happy so far.
    • Warroad. I got it to serve as hunting camp this fall. 
    • My gold finches have started to thin out. Looks like mostly young ones hanging around. They’ve also switched from nyjer to sunflower chips as their preferred food.    The grackles and blackbirds left after I proofed all my feeders. But they haven’t even been in the neighborhood. Are they quick to fly south?
    • I’m glad we got KAT locked up now. Whatever we get for Butler, hopefully it’s multiple pieces, as depth is going to be our major issue. Will Wiggins actually step up this year? Not likely, but I will continue to hope.