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No Pup for Penny

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My daughter is looking for a pup and I to have been casually looking for a companion for Duncan who will be seven here in just a few months. What I have found is that there are no such thing as a cheap pet any more. Dogs can be purchased at the dog shelter for 280.00 these are of course dogs that are spaded or neutered and are an unknown mix or breed, just a best guess. Nothing wrong with the dogs as my daughter did have a rescued dog from the pound and he was an excellent pet.

The city here has done such a fine job of making it hard for someone to  raise a litter of pups with all the fees they have demand that pups are just not being had. All the dogs that I have found their owners are asking more then 500.00 and upwards of a thousand for papered puppies. My question is how is young family suppose to be able to get a pet for their family any more? In my neighborhood alone we used to have a dog at every house now we are hard pressed to come up with a half a dozen houses that have dogs and most of them are senior dogs who are in the twilight of their lives. Is this a problem or just me?

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I wish that I would have known that you were looking a few months back! I had a friend who had a litter of Black Lab/Golden Retriever pups that they were trying to get rid of. It took a few months, but they were able to find homes for all of them. I think that they were asking $150 or $200 to cover the vet costs for shots, dew claws, etc. The best bet is to use the forums to try to find a "friend of a friend" deal. Any preference on size, breed, color, etc? Are you looking mostly for hunting dogs? Is purebred a requirement? If you are willing to drive a few hours for one.... try checking out the craig listings outside of the twin cities (assuming that is where you are located). Good luck!

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Check bulletin boards are local business. Our grocery store has one that always has dogs posted on it. 

If you are looking for a purebred you aren't going to find much for less than $500 these days but check with lab breeders in your area to see what they have. Mixed breeds can sometimes be found for around $100, especially if it's not a pup and doesn't have some "designer breed" label (like golden doodle). 

Check online at the various classified ad sites. Cheaper dogs can be found if you are patient. 

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Yes I have been looking all places you are talking about I am not in the mpls arera but much farther north. I  am looking more for  a companion for my cholate Duncan as he will be turning 7 here soon. I do have a line on amother chocolate in a litter that is a couple of weeks old. The point of my post was not about me getting a pup but the young families who can not afford these 1000.00 dogs. Been a long time since I have seen someone with a 100.00 pup for sale.


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    • Antsy?  That would be an understatement.  I got out bow hunting 1 time last year due to the job I was working at the time.  That job is history and am now working a job that will allow me to hunt as much as I used to.  Last month has been pretty much a disaster.......the land that we hunt on, first when we went in to kill the areas for the food plot, the guy running the sprayer decided it would be a good idea to put Roundup on the clover plot I put in last year.  It was thick and awesome and I could tell the deer were just hammering it.  Mostly does and fawns, couple small bucks, but hey, when the does need a man, he usually shows up.  Needless to say, I was a little upset when this happened.  Almost lost it when the guy got done spraying the plot and then drove over to me and said "I killed that plot, we should plant a clover or chicory plot there".  Just shook my head and walked away.  Strike one......then about 2 weeks ago the owner of the property informed us that we would no longer be able to bow hunt on his land.  Only muzzleloader, and that's only if they are completely tagged out by then.  STRIKE TWO........so I just planted over 200 dollars worth of seed in food plots that I may never even get to hunt over.  STRIKE THREE!!!!   So now I am in scramble mode to try and find some private land to hunt or start getting out to scout public land in hopes to find a good spot.  All i can do is make the best out of it and hopefully things work out the best.  Either way.....I'm going to up a tree somewhere and totally loving the experience of sitting in the woods with mother nature, with a huge smile on my face!!!!
    • Hey all...........thinking about pulling the trigger on a new bow for the upcoming season (I know a little late in the year, but it is what it is in my world).  Right now I am shooting an Elite GT500 which is a double cam bow.  Thinking about possibly going to a single cam instead of the double but not really sure if that is the route I want to take.  Looking for opinions from folk who shoot either and what they like don't like about the bow.  Not looking for any bow bashing, just what everyone likes and why.  Thanks!
    • I did this with a friend. I actually think it was what is called back bacon not buckboard as he cut it out of the rear loin instead of the shoulder. IMHO it tastes really good. Like a ham of sorts. If it goes over well then I'll do a batch from the shoulder and I think the extra fat content will work better.   I used a bacon mix from Walton's that I ordered.