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North dakota spearing devil's lake area sakakawea

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Hi All,

I'm hoping to make a trek out to north Dakota spearing this winter.   there will be probably 6 or so of us going so more than we can really hire a guide, plus I don't want to spend 400-500 bucks a guy (adds up when you paying for two) 

I've heard good things about Sakakawea but it's 180 long not sure where to even start.  or is there any other lakes to try.  we are looking for action and course hope for a trophy to put on the wall.  

anyway has anyone been out there and would you be kind enough to help me narrow it down to at least what town to try to get a room at. 

...or if anyone knows of any guides that would be willing to work for a consulting fee of some sort.  (we will have our own equipment etc..)



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I live just west of Minot and spear on Sak quite a bit.  I have only speared on Douglas Creek Bay (~12miles west of Garrison) and Parshall Bay out of the Van Hook arm.  The first couple years I speared after moving out here were phenomenal to say the least.  Plenty of fish seen and speared in between 15-20lbs.  Unfortunately for me my time in a dark house has decreased the last couple years.  The times I went out last year, in my usual spots were slow, but I did not move around at all.  There are a TON of baitfish in Sak right now.   Not sure when you are going to go, but February has been the best for me, early Feb if it looks like spring is coming early.  Garrison is a nice little town with all the accomadations.  

For 10$ you can download the Navionics app on your phone and it is pretty decent for Sak. Water depths will be different, but structure is pretty good on the map.  I would say just about any bay on the east end would be good.  Steinke, Douglas Creek, and Wolf Creek are all really good places to start.  If you want to go over to the Van Hook arm, the spearing there is very good too.  All these bays are big and the places to spear are endless, so depending on how long your stay is, you might not ever leave a "bay".  Most all the bays have 2-3 creeks that flow into them, mostly just runoff in the spring, but some have water in them throughout the summer.  Spearing can be really good way back in by these creeks.  Most of the creeks have cut a channel where they dump into the bay, so setting up on the drop off of the channel next to some flats is good.  The problem with the creeks is the navionics is worthless way back in by the creeks.  The water in Sak gets clear in the winter, not uncommon to have 13+ ft clarity.  If you are in dirty water, try just moving a little farther down the shoreline out into the bay.  I do the best on drop offs coming off flats in 8-12fow with a standard red/white decoy.  

North end of the Van hook arm is pretty shallow and flat, especially on the Shell Creek side.  That is a good area and so is around the western boat ramp in Parshall Bay.  

The spearing is getting more popular out here, but still not many do it.  If you want, send me an email at [email protected] and I can send you some screen shots of spots to try on Sak.  

I have only speared once on DL and didn't see a pike so can't help you there.  That is another lake though with endless spots and opportunities and a good population of Pike.  

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