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Hand Grips

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Somehow one of my guests lost a hand grip off my '96 Panterra - how could you not notice a missing grip or realize it was loose.  So now I have purchased a set of new grips and some grip glue.  Prior to this I have never heard of grip glue.  Does anyone have experience, lessons learned on gluing on new grips?  I plan to bring the sled into a heated shed for this procedure.  I have read on various sites that the glue is really super-glue and that they end up with the grips only getting on half-way before the glue sets.  

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It's not fun. Lot's of vid's on the tube. Same process as doing motocross bikes which they replace a lot.

Yes the glue sets fast and "you only got one shot" or it's a big pain in the ars!  Good luck.

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17 hours ago, leech~~ said:

Good luck.

Thank you.

1 hour ago, rundrave said:

the safety wire method

Please tell me more.

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take old grips off

get new grips, from my experience you get what you pay for. A nicer grip will last longer.

get some .025" safety wire, dont go smaller as it will cut the grip. Any bigger is too large imho.

Wrap around grip on each end and turn and twist the wire ends together so they snug down the grip to handlebar and make sure you get it positined so they don't snag your gloves

or just splurge for ODI lock ons and never miss with glue or wire again?

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