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Ice Rod Building Guide and Spacing Database

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Hello HSO,


My name is Chris Stanton and I am a Software Developer by day and have been building fishing, as a hobby, for a handle-full of years. In fact, I do wrap rods for one of the top 3 local custom rod shops in the Minnesota Metro area. Generally, I have been keeping all of my guide size and spacing specifics in an Excel spreadsheet but recently develop an app to do this. The app is in its early stages and does not have a name yet but is working! So far my database includes guide size and spacing specifics for all of DH Custom Rod’s models including specific specs to blank lengths and handle lengths. There are also stats for blanks that can be found at Jann’s NetCraft, Mudhole (both CRB and MHX blanks) and Sportsman’s Direct. All stats are specific blank model and handle length with will return specifics including: MFG Name, Blank Name, Blank Length, Handle Length, Number of Guide, Specific guide sizes and guide spacing measurements. I will also incorporate all of my notes on specific blanks which will include: blank quality, blank finish, where it can be found, and most importantly wether the blank is worth buying or not. All DH guide size and spacing data was given to me by Dustin (Owner of DH) and are the current measurements in production. Anything else, factory measurements were taken into consideration but were not followed in most cases. These measurements were develop by myself and in my opinion is a better option. Most of the blanks on todays market I have built on and do have specs for; However, I’m working on building up the database to include all of my notes which is a time consuming task. Any suggestions, recommendation and/or want to have specs added, please feel free to email me.

Note: App will work on mobile devices but is optimized for lap and desktop computers. Database is up-to-date but only contains 50% of my specs and notes.

link: https://guidespacing.herokuapp.com/

Thanks HSO

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 2.20.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 2.20.40 PM.png

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