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Moultrie A-30 Trail Camera takes pictures every 1 or 5 minutes instead of motion. Any ideas?

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So, with my Moultrie A-30 Trail Camera, does anybody know how I would do the settings so that it will ONLY take pictures if activated by motion?  Currently, I have played with its settings, and it kept taking pictures based on timer.  So every 5 minutes it would take a picture or every 1 minute it would take a picture based on timer rather than motion sensor.  

Anybody familiar with it?  

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For my camera, it is weird, per the time stamp on the pictures, every 5 minutes exactly, it snaps a picture of nothing but the back ground.  At first, I thought perhaps  the branches in the background triggered the pictures, but that wasn't the case since I moved my camera to clear areas and it still snaps a picture every 5 minutes or 1 minute depending on my setting selections.  

My memory card would fill up with many pictures of nothing since it snaps a picture every 5 minutes and my battery would drain.  There must be a setting I am missing to activate  on motion only and not timer. 

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2 hours ago, Walleyehooker said:

I think the timer is so it shuts off 1 to 5 etc minutes in between pics. Rather than being motion activated by the same thing every couple of seconds and filling up your chip with the same deer or whatever is activating it.

Plus+ 1.  I set my cam to 5 minutes so I don't get a 100 shots of the same Deer playing in front of the cam all day! :angry:

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I am having the same issue with a Moultrie camera...not sure the model but the first year with it it worked, last year it started taking more photos of grass blowing in the wind than anything.  This year I changed settings and put it on a soy bean field edge and it ended up taking 2700+ photos of the beans over the course of a couple weeks.  The thing picked up 2 deer one perfectly to view and the other I got its back in 3 pictures!!  I went and bought a Bushnell 14 last night as I have had it with my Moultrie...

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