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    • I think the part smurfy left out is the french press.   https://www.thespruceeats.com/egg-coffee-2952648   The only place I have had egg coffee is at some lutheran church's diner at the state fair.  It's a pretty decent cup of coffee.
    • Coffee grounds boiled egg?  You been reading to many of Del's Sous Vide posts! 🤢🤮 😆
    • Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the egg cook in the boiling water?  I'm picturing coffee with bunch of floating bits of scrambled eggs floating at the top.
    • I think it's diluted.  It's a different sort of awful than burnt awful.
    • my guess super cheap and a poor grade of coffee!!!!!!!!!!   if anyone uses on of them pots papadarv has pictured, try making egg coffee. man thats good stuff. simply put the coffee grounds in a cup, and an egg, no shells, mix good and put in the boiling water. you do need to pay attention, it boils over easy. when you think its done, just add a bit of cold water, this makes everything settle sooner. and enjoy.
    • Right to the ice if possible but hard to do in snow. Push them into the slush. Gaps let wind in
    • ... in an attic.  I’m due to re-blow that cellulose insulation into my attic this spring. The first time I had a professional blow it in. I’m have heard that re-insulating it is a project you can do yourself you could just rent the machine/blower. Has anybody here done it themselves?  I’m also getting my roof redone this spring. Should the cellulose insulation be blown in after the roofing is completed or doesn’t  it matter?
    • With the amount they must go through in a morning I've always been amazed at how god awful most hotel coffee is.
    • What does everyone like for hole sleeve length? Right to the ice, 1/2 or 1 inch off?  Just a day fishing/run and gun rig so freeze in is not a huge concern.
    • Yeah that would be a good start.  We should have won that Iowa game but we got handled pretty well from Wisconsin.
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