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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

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There has been great walleye action right outside the Lighthouse Gap and along the south shore in anywhere from 11-17 feet of water.  Charter boats have still been fishing all parts of the lake. A few miles out of the Lighthouse Gap and in front of Morris Point Gap doing well in 27 - 30' feet. Anchor and a jig with a shiner minnow has been the ticket. Schools moving around.  Pink and gold have been the hot colors.  Still huge schools roaming the main basin of Big Traverse Bay in 31-34' with trolling crankbaits effective.  Some trophy walleyes being caught.
Rainy River anglers finding more shiners and walleyes have entered the river with morning/evening still the best for now. Trolling cranks or pulling spinners producing the best to cover lots of area but walleyes found vertical jigging tipped with a shiner doing good. Smallmouth bass in good numbers along shoreline rock, bridge embankments and feeder streams. Many sturgeon over 50" and 60" being boated at all times of the day and night.


Up at the Northwest Angle, in MN waters, bottom bouncing or trolling with cranks to cover a larger area then once found jigging with pink, white, or gold producing fat walleyes. Current areas between the islands continues to be hot! The best depths are between 17-24 ft. Canada crappie fishing strong with walleyes mixed in deeper holes off of protruding points. Muskies were falling to jerk baits early in the week, with blade baits bringing more fish to the boat recently. Traditional shallow, wind-blown rocks with access to deep water nearby have been the most productive spots. 

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