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Longest day ever

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I really like this layout! I’m hoping that you are doing spray foam on the walls? 
    • You mean not have the back rollers underwater? That could be what I’m doing I just noticed the last three times  it seems to wanna lean to that side 
    • Could you be putting the trailer in too far?  I’ve noticed I’m better off keeping the roller trailers shallower on the launch than bunk trailers.  Let the rollers do the work of guiding the boat on.
    • I notice that when I land my boat, it leans more to the right side of trailer. It isn't serious but it pushes a bit on the fender. I don't see anything off with any of the rollers. Is this unusual?
    • Heck ya!  You got some plans!  They were all sounding fun and then you throw in the Barbary sheep and go right off the charts. 😄   I tried with a group for an any deer in SD but didn’t get drawn.  Again.  5 preference points now and by the sounds of it that won’t be enough for next year either.   I got permission to bear hunt a property in the no quota area that reportedly has 3 bears living on it so I might try that my first time.   Otherwise it’s been all about waterfowling in the plans department.  In the best case scenario those plans would cover 4 states and both coasts.
    • Hi,   I'm new to the forum and opening up and old conversation, but the symptoms of deerhunter sound very similar to my new Suzuki 140A that I got. My old Ficht Ram did not give any vibration but a brand new 140A vibrates the boat similar to deerhunter's description.   Deerhunter, I know this topic is quite old but could you perhaps share what happened with your motor? Did you get the new power head and did it make the difference?    It would help a lot to understand your experiences as I'm currently having similar issues with a similar kind of an engine.   Thanks. 
    • Thats the thing decoys are like calls,guns and  Its all about what you like. They ALL work.. Its ALL GOOD... The guys that post negative [PoorWordUsage] likethis is the only one to use and nothings better are either some prostaff or someone validating what the bought. Its GOOD to be proud of what you own,made or do... This is what Im doing today.. This is about a hour+ scrapped.. Not happy with the eye set so I cut them off and will try again.. Double flocking on my birds requires a outset set eye so the eyering stands out need to use a smaller lower profile glass.. Tough to do with shaky hands and 15year old red apoxie sculpt.. Even more funs putting pinpoint pupils on the smaller glass....
    • What does everyone have going on for this fall as far as bow hunting? I have a fun fall planned.   My son and I are going to Montana on a general elk tag in September. That will be his 1st elk hunt-- I'm excited about it, and so is he. He and I also drew North Dakota any deer tags so we will hunt mule deer for a couple long weekends too. I will also chase deer in Minnesota. Finally I got lucky and drew an archery barbary sheep tag in New Mexico. Should be a fun season for sure.    What does everyone else have planned?
    • Looks like she picked up a few extra little ones along the way.  
    • NORTHWEST IOWA FISHING REPORTS Arrowhead Lake Bluegill - Fair: Cast a small jig fished under a bobber near submerged structure along shore in 5-10 feet of water. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Cast traditional bass lures near submerged woody structure throughout the lake and along weed lines in the southern part of the lake.  Black Hawk Lake Surface water temperatures are around 80 degrees. Yellow Perch - Slow. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Cast traditional bass lures and plastics along shore. You can catch fish anywhere around the lake, but some of the best areas are Ice House point shoreline, inlet bay and bridge area near the outlet, and along Gunshot Hill. Walleye - Slow. Channel Catfish - Fair:Try cut bait, dip baits or crankbaits fished near shore. Bluegill – Fair. Brushy Creek Lake Surface water temperatures are in the upper 70's. There is around 10 feet of water clarity. Black Crappie - Fair: Use a small piece of crawler or minnow on a jig either drifting or fished under a bobber near submerged woody structure. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Throw traditional bass lures, plastics or weedless lures near submerged structure and along weed lines. Yellow Perch - Slow. Walleye – Slow. Bluegill - Fair.  Channel Catfish - Fair: Brushy Creek Lake has a low-density population of larger channel catfish. Target these larger fish near shore with rocky structure using a variety of cut baits and crankbaits. North Twin Lake Water temperature is in the low 80's. Water clarity is around 2 feet. Yellow Bass - Fair: Use a small jig tipped with a piece of crawler or waxworm fished under a small bobber in 3-6 feet of water near shore. If fishing from boat, you may need to move around to stay on top of fish. Yellow bass are 6-10 inches long. Channel Catfish - Fair: Channel catfish are numerous in North Twin Lake. Use cut baits and crankbaits near shore with rocky structure. Bluegill - Slow: Try small jigs tipped with a crawler fished under a bobber along shore near vegetation edges.  Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake) Storm Lake has a daily limit of 3 walleye, and all 17- to 22-inch walleye must be released; no more than one walleye longer than 22 inches may be taken per day. Walleye - Fair: Drift with leeches or crawlers along the dredge cuts and troll crankbaits in the main lake. White Bass - Fair: Pick up white bass from shore and in the main like while trolling. Use twisters, crawlers or crankbaits in the marina, near the inlet and north and east shores in the main lake. Channel Catfish - Fair: Try a variety of dip baits, cut baits and crankbaits fished near shore and anywhere with rocky structure. Water temperatures are in the lower 80's in the Black Hawk District. For more information, contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638. Beeds Lake Bluegill – Good: Use a small piece of crawler under a bobber near the shore. Black Crappie – Slow. Yellow Bass – Fair. Clear Lake The water temperature is in the low 80's. Walleye - Good: Anglers are catching walleyes drift fishing a jig and crawler near vegetation. Try slip bobber fishing or jigging a leech on the rock reefs. Yellow Bass – Slow: The best bite is at first light. Channel Catfish - Good: Float a crawler under a bobber along a rocky shoreline. Boat anglers should try bouncing a jig and crawler on the rock reefs. Crystal Lake Black Crappie - Fair: Drift fish a minnow or small jig near the dredge cut. Largemouth Bass - Good. Bluegill - Fair: Try a small piece of crawler under a bobber near the shore. Lake Cornelia Bluegill - Fair: Channel Catfish - Fair: Try a frog fished along the rocky shoreline. Lower Pine Lake Popular fishing spots get crowded in the afternoon; arrive early to avoid crowds.  Don’t park along the west side of the highway.  If the boat trailer parking lot is full, try Upper Pine Lake. Bluegill - Good: Shore anglers are catching good numbers of 4 to 7-inch fish. Black Crappie – Fair. Largemouth Bass – Good. Channel Catfish - Fair: Try a crawler or live bait near the spillway. Silver Lake (Worth) Bluegill - Fair: Try a small piece of worm fished below a bobber in the open areas of the vegetation. Largemouth Bass – Fair. Upper Pine Lake Bluegill - Good: Shore anglers are catching good numbers of 4 to 7-inch fish. Largemouth Bass – Good. Black Crappie - Fair. For information on the lakes and rivers in north central Iowa, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.  East Okoboji Lake The walleye season is open. The water temperature is 80 degrees. There is a great panfish bite that is moving further out into deeper water post-spawn. Bluegill – Excellent: Large schools are moving into the shallows to bed and can easily be caught around hoists and docks. Black Crappie – Fair. Yellow Perch – Good: A good open water bite has started to pick up. Lake Pahoja Bluegill - Good: Use small jigs tipped with waxworms. Black Crappie - Good: Try small jigs tipped with waxworms. Largemouth Bass - Good: Use rubber worms or other slow-moving jigs. Lost Island Lake Yellow Perch – Fair. Walleye – Fair. Silver Lake (Dickinson) Walleye – Good. Spirit Lake The walleye season is open. A great walleye and yellow perch bite has been seen lately with many yellows over 10 inches being caught. The water temperature is 79 degrees. Bluegill - Good: Schools are starting to move deeper off shore post-spawn. Walleye - Good: A fairly good bite lately can also be seen from shore. Try bottom bouncers or crankbaits to cover more water. Black Bullhead - Fair: Anglers have been successful at the north grade. Yellow Perch - Good: The bite has really picked up; fish are a little deeper than what can be easily fished from shore. Try small humps in the main basin or weed edges.  West Okoboji Lake The walleye season is open. The water temperature is 80 degrees. The panfish bite has been great. Bluegill - Good: Schools are starting to move deeper off shore. Try fishing in about 16 feet of water in the weeds or weed lines. Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Find smallmouth bass on rock piles or on the points.. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Find largemouth bass on the weed lines. Yellow Perch - Fair: Schools have started to move deeper off shore. Iowa Great Lake water temperatures have warmed up up substantially and are currently 79 degrees or warmer. This week’s extended forecast calls for temperatures ranging from the upper 70's to upper 80's. For current conditions, call the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.
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