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Fished Vermillion this weekend (Friday-Sunday). Was pretty slow but weather didn't help much either. Lots of white bass and some pretty good sized ones. Certainly fun to catch when fishing was slow. Did catch one small walleye at sundown but that was it. I tried trolling spinners crawlers, leaches and didn't get any bites but was bit off by one pike. Also tried pulling plugs but then I couldn't keep the white bass off.


My kids caught a few small gills off the dock and my daughter caught a good sized drum which proved to be a good fight on light tackle setup.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • 10 years is a notable anniversary.  Congrats! 🥂   I was checking to see how many I recognized.  A fair amount.  Then I saw you did catch me. 🙋‍♂️
    • I think 2 out of 3 actually gets them in for sure.  Washington, Eagles, and Carolina are the next 3 teams and they are all in worse shape then we are.  Washington is on their 4th QB, Eagles looks to be without Wentz against the Rams this week, and Carolina has lost the last 5 in a row and has to face the Saints 2 out of the next 3 weeks.    No matter what there is going to be a lousy team in the 6th seed.       
    • Well even if the Vikings happen to sneak thru the back door into the playoffs, there are 20 other teams that would be happy to be in that spot.     And who knows, anything can happen when you get into the tournament. AND NO I'm not drinking purple Kool aid.  Yet!!
    • The Vikes are a dumpster fire right now for sure!    Glad they ditched Flippo, that was a failed experiment. Really hoping they get rid of Priefer soon, too, as our special teams have been far from special for the last few years.    They don't deserve to make the playoffs at this point, but if they win out, they will make it.  Will this move propel them to make a run if they do make it?  Anything is possible, but we all know what happens to the Vikes in big-time games. So, I'm not gonna hold my breath!     
    • A way to kill the prion. As far as I know, it survives indefinitely. If we can kill it, we actually have a chance of wiping it off the face of the earth.  Until then, it's a winless battle, IMO.    As far as your last comment, not sure why that was brought up if you weren't directing it at me, or at least think I fit this generalization... Not sure where in any post that I have ever made, you'd get the slightest idea that I was the type of person you describe. While I am for limited govt, and reeling in some rules and regulations, I am overall an adamant supporter of most of our fish and game laws. When it comes to what is currently taking place to "control" CWD, I don't think it's working, and I think other avenues need to be explored in more detail. I've stated that I'm pretty fluid on my opinion on CWD, so part of me sees what is taking place as maybe being necessary, but, seeing the end results thus far, it appears to not be working.     
    • Only 10 years? Seems like much more.......😉😁😄
    • Sounds pretty friggin awesome to me. Still, for the couple hundred that it costs spraying is definitely worth it
    • I would bet the first time you seen it the OH Ship factor came to mind.