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Turkey video to get everyone fired up!

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My son won a national youth turkey contest two years ago (had to submit three pics from a turkey hunt, one being a hero shot of a youth with the turkey that he/she took with bow and arrow) and the grand prize was getting an all expenses paid trip to Northern California to hunt turkeys out there during the youth season.  We went last year in mid-late March and had a wonderful trip.  Below is the video the guys who hosted us put together.  It only shows one small bit of the hunt, but it was intense and fun!  The whole trip was wonderful!  Hope you enjoy the video...


Ryan's CA Rio HERE

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That is so cool Scoot.  What a great tribute to an awesome experience.  I'm sure you'll both remember this for the rest of your lives.

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Very Awesome Scoot!  I know it was a heck of a trip, but it is cool to be part of it for a few minutes!  Ryan has such an authentic and awesome smile in that picture at the end.


Hopefully it happens again this year.

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Very cool, and Awesome shot!! Just like a Pro, he didn't shoot until you got some video footage! :)


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Awesome hunt and Video!!!....and Wow what a bird, those spurs are quite the hooks. Nothing better than a hunt like that, way to get him outdoors. That will be one his favorite hunts he'll ever have, great composure to boot. Dialed and delivered a perfect shot, not his first rodeo!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Now that the corn is out and the ground is white the birds are really showing themselves. Three times in the last month I have seen 50-60  birds on a short day. Nearly every one was in a group and they are concentrating in dense thickets of plum brush.    And there are literally next to no hunters out and about going after them which is a big change from even a decade ago
    • I too remember these stupid punch cards in High school.  All the Nerds in the Computer class did stuff with um! 😅
    • I remember those stupid punch cards.  I was in junior high and had to “program” em in class.  I hated em and thought I’d just avoid using computers altogether! 😀
    • Good hunt in SD today: 
    • Had the day off so hit some public land around the Mitchell area today.   Did well, my favorite upland gun is my O/U and is currently broke. Busted a firing pin and waiting for gunsmith to get a knew one made on a lathe. So today I brought out the old 870 which I haven’t shot in at least 5 years or more.   Thought it would throw off my shooting but to my surprise managed a quick double on 2 shots lol. it’s always amazing how fast a day in the field can turn around. And I really enjoyed shooting this gun again. It’s amazing how something so cheap and simple is so good.   Day started out really slow I couldn’t find birds anywhere and then found the motherload. Shot my 3rd bird, put it in my vest and bumped birds all the way back to the truck.   Good late season hunt just wish we had more snow. And this warm weather isn’t helping ice that’s for sure.  
    • Looks good!  👍 Lets see no work gloves, may be a hat?  Do you have a coaster under that hot pan mister? 😊
    • Steak fajitas tonight.
    • The window on AIX that I read Usenet News on was....   I started on computers with punch cards, then moved up to a 2260 and MTMT (multiple terminal monitor task) which was an IBM Rochester homegrown thing for running terminals attached to the 360/65 we had at the time.   Actual first computer I ever used was a CDC 1604 at the U of MN.....
    • There I might have made it a little easier to read😁    Hope we are all still around in another 10 years!!