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Walleye vs. Saugeye

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My state started stocking saugeye in some of our lakes a few years ago, and I'd like to target them. I've caught plenty of walleyes, but never a saugeye (or sauger either for that matter). Do you use different techniques for saugeye than you do for walleye, or do you basically fish for them the same way?

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Fish for them the same way. Seems kind of weird the DNR would stock saugeye, as I don't believe they are able to spawn. Plus, don't grow as big as walleyes. I would think they would be more expensive to produce than walleyes also. 

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Out here (Virginia) our lakes are dirty and warm, and from what I understand, saugeyes thrive in those conditions. Our walleyes are all stocked since very few of our lakes have suitable spawning habitat and there is little to no natural reproduction.


Really looking forward to catching a saugeye just so I can cross it off my list!

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It's possible you could be catching saugeye and not know it.  Sometimes the differences are subtle.


Pop up the dorsal fin and look for spots.  Maybe a bit of a splotchy pattern on the body.  And the white tip on the tail might be less pronounced. 



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    • Thanks, ya it is a Higgins spear from Michagin.  If I do my part, it never let's me down.
    • Not me, but I appreciate your honesty. 👍
    • I think Archerysniper was trying to show a perfect arrow shot taking out the heart. Most that Bow hunt would see that. Most non-hunters wouldn't see that the animal went down fast and didn't suffer long. Very human shot.
    • Had the day off so took a little run up in Orock MN, in the Sand Dunes forest.  There were a few folks around on sleds but I never saw anyone on the trails other then at the Refuge bar for lunch. The trails were very good, a few rocks in the corners but not bad. Got off the main trail a few times and found some areas not ridden in yet.  Met the groomer on the way out.  Perfect weather for a ride.    
    • Just change it to Abortion photos. Their fine with that, we're good to go! 👍👍
    • I think you need to look at the context the photo was shown.  Given this is a hunting/fishing related website I think users know and understand the context and it greatly reduces the impact of a photo like that heart/knife image.  Now post that same image on a site where the focus is something like womens fashion or something equally unrelated then I'd say it was shocking or inappropriate.  I think Google should look at the context when making such determinations but it doesn't seem their policy is flexible enough to do that.  I wonder if a similar photo shown on a cooking site that is talking about how to prepare heart for dinner would be looked at the same way.  
    • Heart with bloody knife was a little over the top, seems to me.   Perhaps trying for shock value?  Got it too.  
    • I thought this was a free country?  The heart shot pic is a little graphic but it is what it is.  A great, humane shot.  People shoot things to make them dead, then eat them.  It’s life.   Thought I’d add: We’re having backstrap for dinner tonight.  Looking forward to it.
    • Just so all of you are aware google has defined this post as a page with shocking content.My guess is a person or group reported you.   "Dear FishingMinnesota, This Google Policy Report gives you an overview of recent activity related to violations found on specific pages of your websites. As enforcement statuses may change over time, please refer to the "Page-level enforcements" section of the Google Policy Center for the current list of active violations."   This is one of the pages google sent me to with a violation date of 01/19/2020.   So obviously this content now reaches Google's limit of what is tolerable.   Your thoughts please?    
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