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Clam Kenai Pro Thermal Flip Over

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I am wondering if you have looked up the set up size...L 90” or 7ft 6 in. x W 38 or 3ft 2” and the center Height is 64" or 5ft 4 and the sled is about 4 ft long so subtract that away from the setup size to get a ruff idea with the fishable area.  I would sit down with a tape measure and try to get a ruff idea if you feel that you will have room to move round.


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I have one, I'm 6'2". So far i like it, seat is comfy, light weight.  I rarely fish with the door closed, I like to look around, my mr heater/cooker is actually outside the tent area and it warms up nice.  Keep the wind to your back   

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My dad and I have them. They're brand new; haven't even fished in them yet. I have, however, been in and out of them countless times while doing modifications on them in the living room.


I'm about 6'4, as well, and they fit me just fine. One thing that really suits our height is the height of the seat. Some of the flip-over houses have really low seats that I find to be kind of uncomfortable. Feels like you're sitting on a milk crate or a short bucket. The Kenai seat is a little taller, very similar to a boat seat with a 15" pedestal feather than the 13" pedestal which is the industry standard. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Did a lot of my riding and camping up on the North shore of lake Superior.  I added a Seat concepts seat and a ATV cover on that. Windshield, skid plate, soft side bags, 12v plug for a GPS and gps mount and foam over grips. No crazy mods, kept it all stock for reliability. At 42 HP stock it had plenty of power for me and I would rather get there then get half way faster!  Lol 
    • 2009 Sportsman 500HO. only had about 450 miles on it.
    • Just south of you we all kinds of birds. Mostly wood peckers, finches and blue jays. filling everything about every other day.
    • I sold the last of my ATV's in Sept while the used market was hot with intentions to upgrade. I figured there wouldn't be any better time where the price on old beat up machines would be higher. I couldnt believe what people were willing to pay for 15-20yr old ATV's that had seen some tough use.   My plan was all these people were buying stuff and realized they would never use it and sell it when they didnt want to store it for the winter. I figured with a saturated market we would see some good deals to be had this time of year but people are just buying everything up at absurd prices. Even the people who are upside down on their toys are asking way to much. 
    • Leech, I saw where you were looking for riding partners, I'd take you up on it now. Lol. I imagine you have a lot of nice dual sport riding in your area, we have lots of it in western ND also, hence the DR. I love this bike. I wish you were parting with that white one about now, I'd take it off your hands. I like that color.  I've done a few mods to mine, the seat had to go! I've added an engine case guard since this photo was taken. I'm waiting for bark busters to get here, they are a necessity. Then I will be good.  
    • I hunted Idaho this past fall for deer and elk. We seen a fair number of turkeys. I plan to go out a little early for the hunt next year. I was thinking I could add a turkey hunt to the fun. Does anyone have any experience hunting turkey in the fall in Idaho? I would be deer / elk unit 6. Thanks minky
    • What kind of wheeler do you have? Im just waiting for my new Honda Rancher to show up that I put money down on a month ago. Everything is getting hard to come by these days. Starting to look like another winter where we get to ride for a week or 2 in March again
    • Hi.. wondering about ice reports around MN, specifically around the Duluth area..hope someone will read this and reply,☺️    
    • bird feeders are awefully quiet lately around home. not sure if no snow on the ground has something to do with it or not??🤔
    • Looks like next spring now since I'm hoping for some snow soon for the sled. Fixed up a little hunting/toy hauler to hunt out of and haul the wheeler with this fall. So may be I'll park right in your lot!  😏
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