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If you are looking for a place to buy an ice castle fish house, give Pauls Small Engine a call! Wow.. i actually could afford a hydraulic galvanized frame.

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  Hey everyone. I have been shopping around for a while looking for an Ice Castle fish house that would work for my families & friend’s needs. I am now a proud owner a 2017 8'-0" x 21'-0" with a galvanized hydraulic Berkon frame! I found Paul's Small Engine online when I did an internet search. The owner actually picked up the phone & helped me out a ton online before I stepped foot in his building. He took his time to help me find the perfect unit for me. We discussed used & new options. If you want a great price on a new or used unit this is the place to go! On used models he had his pricing listed online as well. He blew away other ice castle dealers pricing.  It was well worth the 2 hour drive up to see this place. I am super pumped & cannot wait to hit the hard water!

http://www.paulssmallengine.com/s/search/inventory/availability/In Stock/brand/Ice Castle/sort/best-match



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53 minutes ago, delcecchi said:

And that big one has AC so you can stay cool on the ice...:D


I have been thinking of replacing my camper and fish house with one unit like this but the smaller ones that would be practical for winter fishing don't have the comfort we are used to while summer camping and these larger ones like this do not seem practical for ice fishing. Seems to me you would need 3 feet of ice to support it and the truck that would be pulling it?

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LOL. I made history!

That is not my house. I have basically a LOW addition now that I put the back two holes in. Mine is a 21'-0" love it. Thinking 16" of ice for mine. Cannot wait!

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