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April of 2015 I took a chance and ordered the Ravelli APGL4 tripod. 65 bucks and it looked beefy. And it is. Not one to throw in a backpack. Really love using it. Well on Monday I go grab it to set it up for squirrel action swinging movie and as I grabbed a leg to set it up it snapped right off. Bummed so I went back to amazon and did a review on it that I really liked it but couldnt believe that the leg broke. Figured that was the end of it. Maybe 2 hours later i see an email and it's from the supplier saying they were really sorry to hear about the problem. So I am thinking somebody scamming me to get credit card info... lol. So i keep reading and the rep mentioned they have great products and warranty and that a new tripod would be shipped Tuesday and I should have it Thursday. Now I am thinking, this is great!. Went online to look at the company again and sure enough, 10 year warranty. I figured 90 days or a year. Today the tripod arrived, new case and everything. Talk about customer service. I really like the pistol grip and the beefy tripod. Works dandy with my Nikon and  the bigger 18-300 Nikkor lens. Color me happy. :) 


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Light Beer, pffffft! Kind of like the fat lady ordering 4 Big Macs, 3 orders of fries and a diet soda. 
    • So what's better? I suppose you are going to say Coors light or Miller lite?
    • Pair of loading ramps. Weight capacity is 700 pounds each. Very good condition. $50.00 for the pair. Live near Elk River MN
    • ....said no one ever.....😁
    • You want to read High Speed 1 at pins 6 and 14 of the DLC. HS CAN 2 is on pins 3&11. Some fords have Medium Speed CAN on pins 3&11. Keep this in mind when shopping for your reader.
    • Fake quote. I never said anything about 'Swans". I thought you were against fake quotes?    
    • The best light beer ever made!
    • Yikes! read the ingredients. make them from scratch. Many recipes on the web.
    • I have not purchases Forscan as I have access to an  OEM scan tool. There are somethings that the Forscan software can do that IDS cannot with Asbuilt. I have ways arround that. Just to clarify, you may not have to purchase the software to do what you want but use their free version. This is worth exploring. As for the OBD interface, might want to ask that question is a specific f150 forum and get an idea of what others are using.    High speed and medium speed compatibility would be nice for future toying. For your truck, you only need high speed interface. I can't remember what pins. Your truck has a gateway module DLC.  Basically it's a router that allows the different networks to communicate, but also your scan tool to communicate with all the networks over HS CAN 1 and 2.   The only software related mod I have done to my car is change the 3 turn signal blinks to 4.   Happy modding!
    • Ok that makes sense. When I saw swan I figured it was an member id. When I went to cub today I asked the HS kid if they had any  I got "I know we have them I just don't know where they'd be". I said freezers maybe by the other tots he said "what makes you think that" You can't make it up!