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Opening weekend results

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Area 247

We ended up 1 for 4, my youngest shot a nice doe Saturday evening. We saw doe's, fawn's and two small fork horn bucks. 1 guy is hunting all week, leaving next Friday. Me and my boys will arrive Friday night to try and fill our remaining tags Saturday and Sunday. Man was it WARM both days, 71 Saturday and 68 Sunday. Windy Sunday and pretty calm Saturday. First time ever hunting MN gun opener in shoes, short sleeve shirt and blue jeans under my orange. The bucks we saw were harassing the doe's and they wanted nothing to do with them, the fawns were still with the doe's. Allot of shooting Saturday, I think a fare amount of that was duck hunters. Sunday had less shooting. Weather looks like it's going to be about the same next weekend as this past weekend. Will be interesting to see if the big boys will start to move or not.

Dropped my sons deer off at the meat market this morning and they guy said yesterday they took in 212 deer. Most single day amount they have ever had.

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2/5....Seen a lot of deer passed on some small ones. Deer were every wear Saturday. Bucks chasing does it was fun to see. Sunday was the Dead Sea. Nothing moving at all and only heard 5 gun shots on public land.

Seen hundreds of deer every night in the fields driving back from the woods to the cabin.

I still can't believe 246 was lottery. There's deer everywhere!!

Fun Weekend..

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Hey Jeff, nice to hear from you.  I missed Sat morning, sat Saturday night through Monday morning never saw a deer on stand.  Saw 8 total (group total) all from one stand.  

Just on the other side of woods from you.  Other tan the first 1hr of day it was dead by us.

Definitely deer around, but our sightings were limited.

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My group has seen 2 forks 1 spike and 3 3pts along with a glimpse of a nice one with some good antlers. Haven't fired a shot yet. Does are scarse though, but better than last year when we saw 5 wolves opening weekend. Zone 183 Nemadji Forest.

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We got 3 f 12. 2 bucks and a doe. Everything we hunt is either corn or submerged in water so I didn't expect much in terms of success which is fine. My two younger brothers each shot a deer with well placed shots which was great because they have not had great success in the past. I think I was happier seeing them get deer than if I had filled mine to be honest. I have gotten plenty over the years and now enjoy the younger hunters filling their tags and learning to figure things out. The weather was unbelievable.

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We went 2-5 with a Buck and Doe. 4 Wolves seen on stand as well and yes the weather was unbelievable but suked if you asked me. I like cold and snow to keep the deer moving and looking for food. I spent most of the Hot days trying to stay awake and falling off my stand! :(

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