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    • Bucket and a bag mostly for me. I really don't like to empty the chemical toilets after use so I'll probably avoid that. We tend to just cut the top off a gallon jug and use that overnight but I don't think the Mrs. would love that the occasional time she'd come with so true, that's a plus on for the inside accessible toilet.
    • @mnbuckhunter what are you using for your thunder bucket?  The smell thing is sometimes hard to avoid but can be minimized.  A powered roof vent fan used while a person is in there will help.  I’ve heard some people going the bag and bucket route put saw dust in the bag - cedar if you can get it helps a lot.  We just use a chemical toilet with the blue deodorizer in the water.     All this said to get to my personal preference to have the throne accessible from inside in order to save those overnight trips outside for a quick shake n go when it’s 20 below and breezy.
    • My brother went of of it and it was fine also.   I watched several trucks use it and one wheelhouse used it as well.
    • I saw that Trophy Hunter before and liked that idea a lot....and I like your modification a lot too. The only problem I've had with that look is I think those end up being 6' beds and being over 6' I've had a lot of problems trying to sleep in a 6' bed. Otherwise it'd work for sure. The other way I was thinking (original post) would allow for nice long beds. And maybe some kind of bottom double on both sides. I don't love the idea of loosing that much space in the V but maybe I could build the heater and storage into it somehow? The no heat would probably be ok. And maybe I could run a duct into it if I really wanted heat depending on where the heater end up.  
    • Did you check out the Meadowbrook access a few miles north? Might be a little better entry but I haven't went on there yet this year.
    • I have seen some people do exactly what you are mentioning. The downside is that probably won't have it heated, but from what I have seen folks use them for storage (augers, etc.) when Not needed. On the flip side, if you were looking at using the entire V, you would be giving up about 16 sq ft of space. I would suggest bunks in the front to offset some of space lost.... Similar to the IC trophy hunter, but would modify the design so to use more of the V by squaring it off and getting rid of the front hole. Here is the IC Trophy hunter layout and a second one that I slightly modified.            
    • Welcome to HSO @mnbuckhunter.   Can you keep us updated on your build, in this thread, with pics as you go along?   Hey folks, what do you think about mnbuckhunters bathroom challenge?   Any helpful ideas?      
    • I used the Hey 68 access and it was fine.  It's a bit steep but otherwise everything is in really good condition.   My brother drove 6 miles north of the access without any issues.  Bring a shovel in case you get stuck in a drift.  But you can drive all over the lake as of Monday with little concern about getting stuck.   Ice thickness varied from 19-24".  
    • Hi - My mind is starting to think about building a wheel house this spring/summer.  I built one 10 years ago (6.5 x 10 V-front) but sold 5 years later as my kids just got too big for it.  I want another one so I'm thinking 8' wide for sure.  Probably 14 or 16 with a V-front.  I want to keep this one simple (and light, half ton truck) but also able to sleep 4-5 (I have 4 kids).  I'm just starting to think about the layout.   One thing I (and my kids) have found a little awkward is having to do your business right next to everyone fishing with most of these wheelhouse bathrooms built into the main area.  Plus, ya know....smells.  What do you all think about having 2 doors on the house?  One to the main area and then one just to the bathroom? My thought was to place a full wall right behind the V-front.  That way you basically have a rectangular house.  This would allow me to put two nice bunk-style beds on both ends with a big open main area for fishing.  Then I would build a second door into the V-front and that would be the bathroom.  This would give a lot of privacy and keep everything in that area......   Has anyone seen anything like this?  Thoughts?   Thanks
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