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Few weeks back I asked for into on this shotgun. Now I have one and spent a day doing sporting clays.  What a great little shotgun.  Mine is the Franchi Instinct L in .20 gauge, 28" barrels. Comes with three choke tubes,  a complete booklet and a decent little plastic luggage case. You can read about the gun on several sites. I'm just here to tell you that it is a sweet pointing and nice shooting shotgun. Very solid, dark matte finished wood and the fore-end is perfect sized for a normal human hand. Nice checkering and it if is not hand cut it sure looks like it.  Big pink Tru Glo  type bead at the end of a ventilated rib. Barrel selector on the tang in the safety, ala' Browning Superposed (so it all just like home for me!)  Single trigger and a nice recoil pad.

This gun points naturally, swings easily and has a good solid feel.  Recoil in the .20 is moderate with trap loads and surely not more than a person can handle with field loads. The Company has been making guns for a few hundred years so they know their business. A lot of thought went into this gun and I am told it is in short supply some places.

Price runs from about $1300-$1500 and it is surely worth it.  Is it a Browning Superposed, Perrazi, fancy Benelli double or classic Parker?  No-but it is well worth every penny of the asking price.

Got mine at the big store in Fargo. You're gonna love this shotgun. And the store is plenty nice and friendly too.

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    • Not if you're diabetic.
    • Anyone here have any experience with keeping and using pigeons, especially homers, for dog training?   I have an almost 2 year old Brittany that has not even been out hunting yet.... Last fall he was pretty young yet plus I had some health issues that kept me unable to walk around the woods or fields.   I'm not trying to turn my dog into some kind of world champion hunter or anything. I just want to be able to spend more time, all year long as opposed to only hunting season,  doing the thing he loves to do the most. We already have a great time on a daily basis playing an endless game of fetch and he is the most prolific tennis ball catcher (after one bounce) that I have ever seen. He also spends his days chasing rabbits, birds and squirrels in our fenced in yard along with lounging in his very own pool on hot days. He is trained to do all the normal things like sit, lay, shake, come, etc and I have no doubt that he has lots of natural hunting instinct so this seems to be where the progression of his training should head.   I do live in town but as long as I'm not keeping dozens of birds at one time, I don't think it will be an issue. I will check with the city before proceeding though. I'm thinking of getting about 6 homing pigeon squeakers and keeping them in a hutch in my yard. Is there any problem with the birds being in the same yard as the dog?   I'm thinking I could go out to the country on any given day and plant a few birds for my dog to sniff out. I have access to private property to do this on but I am wondering, is it legal to do this on wildlife management areas? I think I recall that after a certain date it is OK to train dogs?   Anyone else do this? Any advice?
    • Light Beer, pffffft! Kind of like the fat lady ordering 4 Big Macs, 3 orders of fries and a diet soda. 
    • So what's better? I suppose you are going to say Coors light or Miller lite?
    • Pair of loading ramps. Weight capacity is 700 pounds each. Very good condition. $50.00 for the pair. Live near Elk River MN
    • ....said no one ever.....😁
    • You want to read High Speed 1 at pins 6 and 14 of the DLC. HS CAN 2 is on pins 3&11. Some fords have Medium Speed CAN on pins 3&11. Keep this in mind when shopping for your reader.
    • Fake quote. I never said anything about 'Swans". I thought you were against fake quotes?    
    • The best light beer ever made!
    • Yikes! read the ingredients. make them from scratch. Many recipes on the web.