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What's on the grill

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5 hours ago, Grainbelt said:

Chicken thighs with wild rice last evening. 



You do realize it is rude to do this before sending out the invitations, right? 


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1 hour ago, Mike89 said:

was 45 minutes enough for a smoke flavor??  looks darn good!!! 

On my pellet grill the smoke setting is right around 180. I thought they’d need more time in smoke but checked them after 45 minutes and they were around 130 so I cranked the temp to try get the skin crisped up. I really didn’t want to do the wings and thighs at the same time but that’s how it ended up working out. I have never cooked wings and I thought they turned out alright. Everything had a good smoke flavor and was juicy. Next time I may smoke them on my Bradley and then transfer to the pellet grill. The smoker does a much better job smoking then the pellet grill in my opinion. 

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got ya, my pellet smoker goes down to 150, that's why I was wondering...  I have done all the chicken cuts too except wings!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Don’t place the holes too close to anything you might sit on to do some jigging.  Too short of distance to manage a rod is worse than too long.   You might sleep up to 6 full grown adults in your house?  That’s a lot.  I think you’ll be snug with 4 in a 16 foot frame for an overnight stay.  Once boots, coats, food and gear are brought in, space goes away fast.  Just my opinion though.  
    • Yeah the door I'd have to look at. The 16' trailer I was looking at has 70" in front of the wheel well. So a 30" bunk would leave 40 inches for a door and any studs. That should work. Holes though....hmm.
    • Yeah the privacy of the outside bathroom is the biggest benefit to me for sure. My kids are all teens and around 5'10"-6' but I suppose the V bunks of the IC trophy design could work for a couple of them. I do have 4 kids so with the Mrs there are 6 of us. It's rare we'd all be in it but if we were I like your jackknife sofa idea on the front end in case we needed the extra room.
    • Funny now 10 years later I will add to this discussion.  I have a 2010 Warrior 1890.  It looks awesome still with no hazing or cracking.  Livewells, hinges, seats and bases, decking, carpet, all looks great.  I started with a 115 and had a warranty replacement and went to the 140 Suzuki.   It is the best boat I have been in next to the 2090.  I like Lund pro Guides and Alumacraft Navigators when the water is flat.  I like the Ranger 620 tiller minus the layout and the same for the 618T but...The 618 in big rough water with that 90 will wear you out and have you fighting all day.  My 1890 tracks like train.  The storage is ample, but also logically laid out to distribute weight.  Pro Tiller steering makes driving in the roughest water a breeze, but also on those 15 mile runs lessens fatigue, but the real difference is just the power to go up and down in really big rough water at any trim at any speed you need.  The Warrior hull also handles that huge water great.  The only thing I hate about the warrior hull is without trim tabs it likes to lean so its another dent in the pocket book for trim tabs - that is the only knock I have.  And now in 2020, Warrior is adding market share and once again Ranger has dropped the tiller.  Too bad, with a center rod locker and better storage the 620 tiller would be a perfect rig.
    • I was thinking the  smaller beds for the kids. You would still have two beds in the back roughly 7’ long.  There are two issues that you are going to contend with on your design. #1. I’m afraid you are going to run out of room for your door unless you go 17’. #2. I’m not sure where you are going to put the holes unless you’re willing to only fish 6. 
    • 🤣🤣 funny............based on some of the posts here sounds like an outing with eyeguy, Rickg, icehawk tom sawyer......and a few others!!!!!!😂😆
    • Ive given some thought to how I'd build a future wheelhouse and this topic is something I've debated.  Ive used houses with bathrooms both ways and the added privacy of the outside entrance bathroom was nice and overall I think we all preferred that.  The big down side is any late night bathroom needs.  You'll have to know your audience on that one and determine how big of an issue it is.     If you do go this route and opt for no heat make sure to put an extra hook on the wall on the heated portion for you to hang your toilet seat to keep it warm.  That will make the family love you a little more.   I do like the modified floor plan laid out above.  If the bunks are short that could be an issue.  I'm 6'4" so need a long bunk but how tall are the kids?  Could those bunks be dedicated kid bunks and you get the longer bunk?   The only thing in that modified plan you may want to look at is the hole placement in front of the front bunks.  Depending on the frame your working with you might want to move the hole over to the right a little to move it away from the bunks a little.  Right now its placed squarely in the middle of the only place to access the bunks.  If you plan to use rattle reels at night I could see someone jumping down from the top bunk and not having a good place to land without ending up in the hole.    I'd for sure give some thought into squaring off the front V and putting 2 longer bunks up front.  Maybe plan for a jackknife sofa up front and a dinette in back.  If you go the route of squaring off the V put some thought into how you could best use that space you'd be losing.  
    • Bucket and a bag mostly for me. I really don't like to empty the chemical toilets after use so I'll probably avoid that. We tend to just cut the top off a gallon jug and use that overnight but I don't think the Mrs. would love that the occasional time she'd come with so true, that's a plus on for the inside accessible toilet.
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