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05 Trailblazer - rear hatch lock sticking

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My 05 Trailblazer (once again) is acting up a bit with the rear hatch lock. It always locks with the door or fob,  but trying to unliock using either will not always unlock it. I can hear the electronic latch trying to, but only about 1 in 6 or 7 will actually unlock it. You can hear the difference when it will unlock, too. All the doors will always lock/unlock fine, but just not the rear hatch (door or window). I could tell it was fine about couple weeks ago, but just started doing it about then, and now getting worse, meaning the unsuccessful tries are getting more frequent.

I try pushing in the door a bit, and I squirted some Kroil on the latch area and neiter really seemed to help. Is there some area I should lube, or something I can tighten? It almost seems like it is just a tension issue somehow. Thanks for any info!

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the best bet would be to pull the inner panel and inspect the latch parts. It is likely that corrosion is starting to keep the handle in a position other than where it should be when it is released. When this happens the lock cannot unlock the latch itself. This is really common in older jeeps and chrysler minivans but can also happen on any vehicle that has a rear hatch.

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That is what it was. Took the panel off, hit that areas I could see and get with a little wire brush, and then Kroiled the bejesus out of all moving parts I could see :)

Now it is working like new again, hopefully for quite a while into the future.

Hardest part was getting that little black push-type fastener out, as I did it with the hatch open and didn't see it, doh!

Thanks, once again!!!

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