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Swim jig trailer

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I just started using a swim jig, and had some success with it by using a craw trailer, but I almost needed to replace it after every fish since it was getting tore up.  My question is is this normal or what are you guys using that lasts longer then one fish?

Thank you,

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So most of you guys are using a swimbait type/look trailer?  Is this because you're trying to replicate a small minnow/sunfish and it looks more natural then a craw?  The challenge I was having with the craw trailer also was that if I was able to use it after catching a fish then it seemed to want to twist on the hook.

What type of rod and reel do you guys use for a swim jig?  I was using a medium heavy casting rod with a 6.3:1 gear ratio Lew's reel with 50 pound braid.  I only had 1 fish shake off and missed one more, is that normal to have them shake off?  or is that just a part of fishing with a jig?

I was using a YUM Christie craw, I think they were $3.49 for a 9 pack so not that expensive but sucks when they just tear up after hooking one fish. 

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Like cjac said, I use a HAvoc twin tail a lot. Durable, and cheap when they do get torn up. Will also use a big 5" grub or a cut off Grass Pig too. Main thing is stiffer plastic, and Hitch Series trailer keepers help a ton too.

For gear, I use a 7'2" MH X-Fast with a fairly light tip, and 40# braid. 

With swim jigs, you tend to miss fish if you set the hook like you would on a normal jig. Took me a while to figure it out, but basically all I do when I get a hit is reel faster and sweep set off to the side. A sharp wrist set, and it is pretty easy to pull the thing right out of their mouth. If you just let the rod load and the hook grind in, you don't miss many. Once they're hooked they stay hooked pretty well too. Light jig and no real way to get leverage on it. 

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+1 on the Reaction Innovations skinny dipper and Big Dipper. I like the blue Gambbler too. When looking for variety in color, Big Bite Baits makes a 5" cane thumper that I shorten and like. Swims are a great search bait and I tend to catch a higher ratio of bass than northerns compared to a lipless crank. 

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