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2007 Toyota Rav4 Alternator Fuse ?

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Have a blown alternator fuse and wondering how to change it? Did a little internet research but couldn't find exact comparison. So far I have fuse box separated but with all the wireing harnesses you cant move it much to see anything and I don't want to wreck anything else. I believe there are some tabs which are next to impossible to find or see to remove part of the fuse block to get at the scews to remove fuse. I messed with this to the point of frustration and at the point to just bring it to dealer so I don't cause any damage. Will have to sit a couple weeks till I get back from the lake and at that point I will have to have a good idea how to get the fuse out or just have it towed to dealer. 2007 Toyota Rav4 limited  4 cylinder Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks

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There are two bolts that secure the fuse to the contacts in the fuse block. There is no easy way to do it other than disassemble the fuse block enough to get at those two bolts.

More importantly why did the fuse blow? If the answer is you hooked up the jumper cables backwards (this happens all the time) then tow it to the dealer. There are likely several blown fuses along with a host of codes in every module and the vehicle may not start after that fuse is replaced because of the other damages. The good news is once all the blown fuses have been replaced and all the codes cleared from all the modules you hardly every see any significant damages (blown modules, melted harness, etc. )

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You had to ask. Wasn't jumper cables. I changed out the alternator and got lazy/dumb and didn't disconnect the battery. I think that little arc blew the fuse. After finding out what a pain these fuses can be Ill never do that again.

When I turned the key there was no power to starter so that led me to check the fuses.

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Well got car in and fixed. Only $165 mistake which was less than I thought it would be. I guess that will remind me to disconnect the battery next time I change an alternator. Lesson learned the hard way.

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