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Early Sunday Morning

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My back kicked me out of bed this morning really early. I have been sitting here for quite a while thinking. My back pain is a constant these days and a 5am wake-up is normal for me. This morning is a little different. Something has been rattling around in my brain for a couple days. I couldn't put my finger on it until this morning sitting here in the dark with my trusty tomcat on my lap.

About a month ago I decided to be proactive and quit whining about my pain in my knees and back. I decided weight loss was a way to get back out there on the streams and to lessen my pain. My doctor put me on a strict diet and Friday the 13th was my first weigh in and check-in with the doctor.

I was sitting in the waiting room and a few people came in and out of the office. I had not weighed myself and was a little skeptical about if i had lost any weight.

The office door opened and an older gentleman slowly walked out. He looked like he was in his late 80s. He had osteoporosis and was quite hunched forward. He went to his coat in the waiting area and reached down for it. It took him quite a while to pick it up. He tried in vain to put it on a couple of times. He couldn't get the second arm in. I got up and helped him with his coat.

He sat down along side of me in the waiting room and started talking to me. I didn't know him from Adam. I heard him muttering PSA this and PSA that. My wife is a nurse so I had a clue what he was talking about. I had two relatives die from cancer so I was not in the dark about his dilemma.

He told me the doctor said guys his age all had high PSA numbers and he was not to worry about the test results. I listened and did not speak because I have no real medical expertise. He seemed to like that I listened to his worries. It was my turn to go in. I wished him all the luck. He was not there when my appointment was over.

5am is not too early to wake up.

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