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Garage floor protection from salt damage

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What is a good way to protect my garage floor from salt damage from winter salty slush?

I would love to have it coated by the garage floor guys, but is there a cheaper and effective option?

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First is to use the right concrete.  Some are much more resistant than others.  (I didn't know this when the floor was poured so I hope the contractor did)

Second, what I did was in the fall scrub/powerwash the floor and then coat it with a sealer.  I have used several different ones over the years.  I do this every year, except I have missed a couple recently.  I put the sealer on with a roller.  Some years I do the concrete driveway also.  Depends on how ambitious I am feeling. 

We have very little pitting and the floor has been there since the summer of 1984.

One of those smooth floors like epoxy or whatever would be really great, as would a floor drain and a heater.  But not gonna happen.  

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I know its a different route, and continued usage adds cost obviously, but I put a heater in my garage(same as my dad for the last 15 years) and just shovel snow out from time to time and do a light mopping once a month  or so in the winter and have never had issue with pitting.  Only cost me about 500-550 to install myself so the cost isn't much more than some floor coatings.  But again, the bill is higher with heating in the winter.  I justify it with a happy wife and kids and not having to warm up the vehicles.  Just a thought.  Would love the floor drain but don't even know where to start there.

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