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eyeguy 54

Spring newcomers

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These are in town but pretty wide open by the school. The house has been there on the pole many years. 

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The kindly neighbors where we pasture part of our flock texted me that he had bluebirds a couple weeks ago. None here although over a month ago I spotted a dead bluebird right on the end of our driveway when I got the mail. Must've been hit by a car. :( I did clean out the house mounted on the old No. 8 International plow so I'm hopeful. Lots of Harris's this spring here, more than I recall ever seeing. Many white-throated's too and I really enjoyed listening to them tonight while grilling. No white-crowned though. Usually see a few before it's all said and done.

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2 new males just popped in and 1 hit the jelly. All the feeders are really active again today. Got a few pics of the brighter oriole but twigs in every pic... lol  Got a couple of the duller one before they left. Gonna pop out to mills and grab some bird bells for fun. 


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Eyeguy, you must live in bird paradise. And you take great pics.  We had our RBG here this week, but they never stick around. A couple days if we're lucky. We do have lots of orioles all summer though, and this year more Harris' than usual. A few white crowns, but no white throats. We have lived here 35 years and last winter we had one female cardinal stay for about 4 months. The only one we have ever seen here, although they are common in Luverne, 14 miles away. 

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thx Ganger.  Lots of trees in the part of town we live in and I have had the feeders up for many years.  Neighbors feed also so we do get a lot of birds here. Sometimes it's quiet for stretches at a time. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • More cases found in SE Minnesota.   Thanks, Deer Farmers....   Chronic wasting disease 'is gaining traction' By JOHN ENGER Minnesota Public Radio   Nov 18, 2018 Updated Nov 19, 2018     The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says chronic wasting disease seems to be spreading along river corridors, where deer can easily travel.   Early testing confirmed four more cases of chronic wasting disease this hunting season. And in just the last few days, two more deer tested positive in a preliminary screening. Hunters in southeastern Minnesota have killed half a dozen chronic wasting disease infected deer this fall. Until this hunting season, there were only 17 confirmed cases of CWD in Minnesota’s wild deer herds. They were concentrated within a five-mile radius between Preston and Lanesboro. Michelle Carstensen leads CWD management for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. She says, one of those animals was shot several miles outside the known infection area. “We have solid evidence that this disease is persisting,” she said. “And we appear to have some spread to the northwest. This disease is gaining traction.” The DNR established a CWD management zone two years ago. Now, Carstensen says, it will have to be enlarged. “Our boundaries are going to change,” she said. “We set up that first zone based on the information we had.” And she said, more cases are likely. Deer hunting season closed Sunday across much of the state, but hunters in southeastern Minnesota have until Nov. 25. More cases of CWD are never good news, she said, but she has been able to mine the testing data for insights into how the disease is spread. All the infected deer were strong, mature bucks, looking for mates. The buck that was shot outside of the management zone, appeared to be traveling along the Root River. She says, CWD seems to be spreading along river corridors, where deer can easily travel.
    • If I get a Showdown soon and a newer Garmin for the bow of my boat then I would sell the Elite-5 with icepack and softwater transducer. 
    • I have refilled the 1 pounders in the past. I just don't like to do it. Always feel like they are not completely full. And yes I have watched videos on how ot do it.
    • Among others I have an Elite-5 as well and have used it for Ice fishing. It seems to run fine for a while then starts acting up. The GPS in the boat is really slow to track so it's been sitting on the shelf!  I hate being out with a bad product and screw up a whole weekend. That is why I pretty much stick with the FL-18 which has never let me down.    "For Sale"  Nice condition Lowrance Elite-5  Works perfectly!  😏
    • They sell 10's of thousands of the 20lb tanks for grills. Ice fishermen are probably the biggest market for 5lb and 11lb tanks, so we pay a premium for them because we are a small regional market.
    • yep, expensive because they are hard to find. I just refill the one pounders. easy and cheap. 
    • Why are the 5 lb. propane tanks so expensive and hard to find. I've looked online for them and they are usually about $60. 20# tanks are about $40 full. Wanting to possibly stop using the 1lb. tanks for my buddy heater and go with a 5lb. tank that will last longer. Oh, and I'm on foot 100% of the time. 
    • I was using a Marcum Showdown 5.6 and loved it. Then my teenage son started fishing with me and he has taken over the Showdown. So, I bought the ice pack for my Lowrance Elite-5 from my boat. It's OK but I much prefer the Showdown.  The Elite-5 will act up at times and it really ticks me off. Now I'm looking for a Showdown for myself again. 
    • Anyone have the latest and greatest on Morson area ice conditions?  Pretty early yet, but it’s been awfully chilly out there.   Thanks!  
    • I went ahead and bought a tag since the FA season was going pretty slow in camp.  Then bang, bang, bang, bang... just like that we all have enough venison...   My season might just boil down to a few walks in the woods, checking things out that I’ve been curious about.  Just wouldn’t feel right not carrying my smoke stick with even though I probably won’t use it.   Premature tag purchase. 🤦‍♂️