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Plyometrics - Who does them?

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This spring I've started to focus more of my limited gym time on plyometric type workouts instead of my former weight/cardio routine.  In theory plyometrics build strength and provide a cardio workout allowing me to get more done in a shorter amount of time which is valuable with a toddler and a very pregnant wife at home.  Plyometrics also more closely mimic the demands my body will face during my upcoming Ultimate Frisbee season.  Its requires a lot of cutting, jumping, and short bursts of running.  Speed and explosiveness are more important elements than simple endurance despite there being a lot of running.

Right now here is a rough outline of the circuit that I've been doing.  It does vary day to day but you get the idea.

Foot drills (I do a variety of single and double foot drills that change from day to day) x20

Broad jumps x10

Single Leg jumps x20

Lateral single leg jumps (skate jumps) x20

Box jumps x10

Two foot lateral jumps over bar x20

Two foot vertical jump followed by burpee x10

Scissor/Lunge Jumps x20

To up the cardio component I do only 20 seconds of rest before moving into the next exercise.  I do the circuit 3 times with a 2 minute break between circuits.  

The exact exercises in the circuit vary as does the order from day to day but no matter what I include I'm pretty well spent by the end of the 3rd circuit.  The key is to give 100% effort on every rep.  Warm up and cool downs are added on both ends as is a lot of stretching and also additional core work. 

Anyone else do some sort of plyo workout? What movements do you include in your routine?  How do you organize your circuit (rest periods, number of reps, etc)?  I'm looking for things to add, subtract, or improve on.  


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low foot squat jumps, but not like videos, I hold a squat rack so i can keep more in my glutes and quads, knees remain above heels in everything.

speed russian lunges, many of those videos show terrible form but its a great one to add

russian lunges, many different styles for what people think are russian lunges but the true russian lunge incorporates a lunge jump and an aggressive altitude drop to stick the landing (turning on), like a vertical jump into a lunge but starting and ending in lunge position, even in air in lunge position.

Any sort of rebound done over and over again, with velocity and aggression (while not clenching or creating tension in other locations) will offer the same effect.  I would add some rebounds into that routine.  The land is more important than the "jump", its easy to turn on to jump but to turn the appropriate muscles to turn on and absorb the force of the landing is the main thing, dont forget that.


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The lunges in the video you sent would be a good way to mix things up and take it to another level.  I've been trying to pay attention to the landing in what I do since its so easy to get lazy on the landing.

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its 99% landing, turning on fast to absorb the force of the landing rather than compensating and driving that force to an undesired location, developing that in-efficient movement pattern into homeostasis.  

the form in the videos I sent are how they should be executed. 

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I tried p90x and insanity...both have plyo. I needed something to keep me busy during the winter months while training for triathlons...I had to stop from joint pain. 

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Because it's not about just moving around but more how you're moving around. That's why p90x is trash. Result at all costs is not the goal. You simply were not engaging the proper muscles at the proper time to allows the movement to be supported by muscle, instead by joint. What kind of physical changes were going to happen anyways? Couple that with a treadmill and you're a disaster waiting to happen.

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