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tough day on the ice.

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With the ice starting take shape in the western part of the state, we have been on the ice s few days now. Needless to say the fish have been a little tough to get a patterned down on a few lakes. I have to admit that I am not used to have to spend a hole day on the ice to catch a limit of crappies, but I was sure humbled quickly on Sat. 

I started out the day with spinning out and cracking up my truck. A little heart pounding but, I pulled out of the ditch on 94 and continued my white knuckled drive west... got to the lake, and forgot my parka in the garage!! Nice....

All in all we had a ok day on the ice, and even got my little man to hold and touch some fish, He is 13 months old and seams to like watching dad cut fish...

colton fish 1.jpg

colton fish2.jpg


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