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News - REAP City Parks And Open Spaces Grants Approved

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The Natural Resource Commission of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources approved Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) grants to 24 cities for use in parks and open spaces during its October meeting.  The projects were awarded nearly $2.4 million. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Was out to check the garden after the rain today. Started looking at the squash and found this.  That is a size 13 shoe next to it. I found 4 more of them that size.
    • Been running these two over deep water (100-150ft) the last two falls during midday booze cruises while camping, no luck yet, but I'll once again give it a go in a few weeks.  Husky Magnum 25' X-Rap Magnum 30'    
    • My favorite is the xland'r made by final approach. They are low profile and fold into a backpack for easy storage. And not to mention that they wont break the bank.
    • I keep forgetting to run a spoon...I have been running rapalas again this year with little success over the deep water.  I have ran shallow and deep divers but not as "hot" of action as we had in years past.  The fish are still there but not attacking the same as they historically have.  Great to hear you are catching some nice eyes on Superior!  Sounds like a great trip to land a few lakers and then a few eyes to top it off.
    • My speedo stopped working and I am thinking it's clogged up. I can't figure out where the hole is though? I can follow the tube from the harness thing down to where there is a small plastic fitting that screws into the leading edge of the LU but I'm not sure what happens after that.     I also thought about disconnecting the tube from that plastic fitting and trying to blast it out from there.      
    • I have a Momarsh that I like but honestly, like everything else, none are perfect for everything.   What type of fields you plan to hunt?  The size of the blind can be an issue in low cover areas.  Chopped corn stubble can hide most blinds but short stubble/wheat/alfalfa/bean stubble usually require something smaller than I have.  In my opinion that’s your biggest concern.  In some situations it’s best to just use a burlap overlay with field chaff added to it, or even a light sleeping bag.   Mine is the opposite, it’s large and harder to hide but has adjustable legs on it so I can elevate in tall cover or get it out of the mud at least if needed.  I could set it up in a foot of water if I wanted to.   You get what you pay for quality wise so that’s almost your least important decision.  Size, weight and pack ability for hiking through fields should be a higher concern IMO.
    • I just want to buy one and don't know which one to choose. I look at ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind but honestly i don't know what i should pay attention to. Maybe you could recommend smth based on your experience?
    • North of I-94 surveys were run in May.
    • I thought I would revisit this thread because I’ve been catching a lot of walleyes out in Lake Superior this year   Most of my walleyes that I’ve been catching while trolling for trout and salmon even in deep water are actually no more than 20-30 feet down. All on spoons although I did troll a couple big bladed crawler harnesses after I was done catching lake trout and the walleyes loved them. By big blade I mean size No. six Colorado   And these aren’t your average inland lake bottom dweller walleyes. These are good size well fed fish that put up quite a fight
    • Started roughing in the hens.. Still working on colors and schedule/steps.. Lot of clean up to do. Ill shadow the feather groups when I do the heads.. About a hour+ into each 
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