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carpet or rubber

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I'm to the point deciding on what I should put on the floor of my fish house remodel.

I like the idea of rubber but have of more some bad things of that. The two biggest beening

weight ( house is only 12') and it can get waves in it after time.

I know what I get with carpet.

does anybody have any experience with rubber floor and a good place to get it.

I was looking at menards they have a rubber floor mat for a garage. 

Any help would be great





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I have the rubber in my Salem Ice Cabin. I love it. Drys fast, clean up is easy. Sweep up ice, water, mud, dog hair, etc. I walk around barefoot and don't think it is cold at all once the place is warmed up. Not as comfortable as carpet, but I don't think it's bad.

I also crappie fish most of the time, so I end up with a lot of water coming up the holes on fast bites. Floor drys in no time.

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I am also in the middle of a build. I found some vinyl that is intended for boat flooring. It was on overtons.com. They sent out a free sample with all there colors. I haven't got it installed yet so cant tell you how well it works.

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My drop down has the rubber coin floor and I love it  Sweeps up easy, wash easy, dries fast.  I would think carpet could get a funky smell knowing what has been dropped on mine (hot cocoa, beer, cocktails, northerns, minnows, misc different foods).    I usually wear slippers in the winter but in the summer bare feet are no problem.  

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I've had fish houses for going on 40 years, all with carpet and never had a smell or mold problem. I think that's the biggest fear of most but carpet is not the high maintenance headache some might think. That's just me though, rubber works great also. My house is more like a cabin and I like the look and comfort of carpet. Especially now with my Ion I have zero wetness problems. My ceiling fan helps also.

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Both have their positives and negatives.


I have carpet and like most things about it, but my next shack will have a rubber/vinyl floor with carpet runners/area rugs. Then you get the best of both worlds :)


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