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James Vladyka

Want contours on your Lake,Pond or River or to just make them better? This will Help

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Here is a couple ways you can acomplish that or if you already have contours these methods can help make them better.

Vexilar Sonar Phone


more info on Vexilar Sonar Phone:


The SonarCharts? Live feature is enabled using a chartplotter/sounder/fishfinder connected via an NMEA 0183 compatible Wi-Fi router or using the SonarPhone T-BOX. The device is then connected to the Navionics Boating app that is available on Apple or Android.

Some compatible devices are listed below:

more info on Go Free:  http://store.navico.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=000-11068-001
more info on Digital Yacht: http://sonarserver.com/us/

Here is a video of a recording  http://youtu.be/qHE8-i0KRpo

This is a before, during and after screen shot


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Does anyone know what happens to the data you create while you're making your new map?  Is is it saved on your phone, uploaded to a server, or given to Navionics as updates to their charts you get to pay for again later :eek:?


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Navionics Sonar Charts looks like a great idea until you look closer at the required annual subscription price. Not too sure how it works on the phone app, but on a sonar/GPS you need to buy the Platinum series chip, then pay up for an annual subscription. The data resides on your chip or on a second SD chip in your plotter. You can upload it to Navionics if you wish, and the data will be added to their lake contour map and issued on the next update.

Another option is Humminbird's AutoChart live which works with the Lakemaster chips and stores data on a second proprietary SD chip. It can overlay your data onto the Lakemaster screen view while you are out fishing. Unfortunately, it requires purchase of their Onyx version sonar at $2500+ and the chip at about $100. They also have another version just called "Auto Chart" which works with many of their units that have a second card slot. It stores data on their proprietary SD card as you drive about, then you have to move the card to a computer running their PC software where it will generate contour lines for where you have recorded data. Once that is done, the card can be re-installed into the sonar/GPS and you can see the contours for the area that you mapped. This version will not overlay data on existing maps. 

Lowrance also has a version of this type of product, but I have not looked into their system.

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I have been playing around with the Lowrance or "GoFree" mapping options and I found it very easy to use and best of all FREE!!

I logged the sonar on multiple different trips (5 sonar logs in all) then logged into the GoFree Community and uploaded the files. I was able to view my sonar logs, contour mapping, bottom and vegetation content on the page.

I can now download the file to an SD card to be used as a map chip. I am not sure I will though because they are such small little maps that I created because I was just wanting to test it out.

I used the Free version, but there is also a paid version. If you pay for the subscription you get Insight Genesis and your mapping data will remain private. The free account may make them public.

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Thanks hydro, very good summary of options.

im thinking about getting Auto Chart, but will wait for a future release. My guess is that it will only get better and easier.

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