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I was recently given access to a spot that I have seen good numbers of geese on during the Early/September season. It can be hit or miss, but has potential to be good.

Thing is I only have a "family group" of 4 floaters that I add to my duck spread. I don't have any "field" decoys.

What should I look for to build a decoy spread for field hunting geese? Do I need to spend the money on a full set of full body decoys or will shells be sufficient? Will a mix of decoys be better?

Like I said I have never field hunted geese before so I have all the beginner type questions. I know its almost 4 months out, but its easier to spend money over time than all at once.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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My two cents - Go for some action based full bodies. I personally think quality over quantity is better, especially early. I also like movement.

We just sold 4.5 dozen old shells and got 18 new "lesser" sized but fully flocked full bodies that move a bit. Haven't tried them yet, as we did this after the season. (Rogers has some awesome deals at times...)

We still have about 2-3 dozen shells (6 super mag and the rest mag) that we will use, and a dozen full-size full body old school Bigfoot that don't move, and about 4 dozen silhouettes, plus mallard silhouettes and full bodies.

What I have used but don't yet have, are the Bigfoot sleeping shells. They are awesome but very expensive. I like them because you don't have to worry about heads, they are molded right in. When I find a sale on them, we will have dozen or two to help fill in.

I am no guide or expert though, that's for sure smile I say get about 12-18 full body on action stakes/bases, and I prefer bases over stakes.

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I'm a big fan of full bodies over shells. Shells have a time and place like they mentioned above, but full bodies are more realistic and can help finish wary birds. During that early season you dont need a ton of decoys (unless you want). I usually only put out a dozen or two full bodies in that early season in small family type groups, and it works well!

If you want some decoys cheap, check that popular for sale site that starts with "Craig"

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I am not sure of your budget.  I have 2 dozen decoys (1 doz full body and 1 dozen shells) I started with the dozen shells and hunted with guys that had shells too and just combined decoys. Last year I hunted with just my dad and used just my 2 dozen.  I just put them in 2 groups.  One group of 20 in a U shape (10 on each side of the U) with mine and my dad's blind in the bottom of the U and a group of 4 in the opening like there walking into the spread.  Don't forget that you need a good blind because concealment is everything.  I use avery power hunter.  I like it because I can move my head around to see what the birds are doing.  Since you have goose floaters I assume you have some kind of goose call because I don't want to get into the battle between flutes and short reeds. LOL

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I ended up working a couple deals and built a starter spread with 18 full bodies and 12 shells. A good mix of body positions and some flocked heads some not. I'm happy with em. 


Now ow the long wait till fall begins 

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    • Hello from Sunset Lodge!

      In Minnesota, walleyes and pike have been found using crank-baits on the south side of Oak Island.  Walleye have also been caught pulling spinners in 26-30 feet using gold and green.
      In Ontario, walleye have been very active using pink and orange jigs on the breaks of reefs or casting shallow crank-baits in 8-12 feet by rocky shoreline points.  A good mixed bag of smallmouth and pike have been found with the walleye as well.
      Musky fishing has really picked up with lots of fish over 40+ inches.  Fishing sand and weedy bays near rock reefs have produced well using buck-tails, small crank-baits and top-water baits. 

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