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Head shooting with big broad heads ?

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I have a ? For you guys archery hunting with them big heads how are you getting them to fly true ?

I tried afew and can only get about 10-12 yards before they go wild

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You need a stiff arrow. Move up in spine and they'll fly like darts.

That's why I don't use this type of head. I've shot all winter and am very confident in my set-up. I also shoot a lot of 3D tournaments this time of year and am not interested in changing anything on my bow right now.

FWIW, I shoot a 2" cut, 3 blade mechanical with great results.

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I attach the bullhead to a full length 300 spine arrow with a 4 fletch setup and my bpw launches them perfectly true at 20-30 yds. No need for adjustments.

Most of the guys I hear argue against the headshot heads have never tried them. I say try it before you knock it. There are many reasons why people want to stick with the set-up you already have, but don't create arguments against something unless you've tried it.

It is true the large broadheads will not fly well with your regular arrows. Most people's regular arrows aren't long enough anyway. I don't see any benefit to a body shot and I've seen body shots be close to 50% wounding rate. I've only missed one time with the Bullheads and the bird walked away with one less feather in his fan. The bird I lost with a 2" rage was missing a 1" section of bone, numerous feathers and blood, but he ran like a son of a gun and became coyote food.

I guess I prefer a clean immediate kill every time. Headshots aren't any harder and its what you're already used to shooting at if you're a gun hunter so there is no new training for locating body shots.

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I had the same problem even with the Victory arrows (yes the arrow spine was correct for my set up) but last night I tried a flu-flu arrow and they flew a lot better and more accurate to the point that I may actually give them a try this year.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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    • I like to see the fish that gets away verses not. A few weeks ago, I was trolling for walleyes on the SLR and while reeling one in, something grabbed a hold of it and fought hard for a while but chewed the walleye pretty bad. Trolled over the same are 20 minutes later and caught another walleye and this time it didn't let go and I saw what was eating my walleyes and it was a huge musky that got close to the boat and snapped the line and left with my crankbait and fish. So, the one I saw that "got away" was a cooler sight than the mystery fish that attacked my walleye that I never got to see earlier that day
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    • looks like it got corrected! thanks Rick
    • Looks fine to me @rundrave :D
    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Surface water temperatures range from 65 in the morning reaching low 70s during the late afternoon. 

      Minnesota has been best in shallower areas such as the Flag Island Flats (5-9 ft.) Prime time being the evening bite with many nice fish including a 31" beast. Deeper water around Four Blocks and LIttle Oak are providing good action for Walleye/Sauger. Orange has been the top color. Even with the recent Mayfly hatch and plenty of crayfish in fishes bellies, (Walleye, Sauger and Northerns) the fishing is awesome!

      Canadian fishing has been the best using bottom bouncers in the mud with gold being the most productive color spinners. Jigging will produce fish around structure with larger Walleye/Sauger coming out of 26+ feet of water. Pike and Muskie action is somewhat concentrated to underwater weeds or occasionally while jigging for walleye.

      We hope to see you soon! 
      Sunset Lodge
    • I think you'd probably have to develop connections to find the right boats at the right price.  If you could also increase the number of boats you do in a given season you could also start buying some materials in bulk which would help drive material costs down.  Still I'm guessing margins would be relatively thin, certainly not a get rich quick scheme. 
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