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Dynasty League

Fat Rap guy

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Is anyone interested in getting a dynasty league going? I've been toying with the idea of starting on up if enough people are interested. I'm not really interested in IDP's but I'm pretty open with scoring variations. I've used pretty standard scoring (with rb's being at a premium) in the past but it might be nice to weigh qb's and recievers more heavily. We'd probably have to all pitch in a few bucks to cover the HSOforum, but it wouldn't be too much. I think it's around $90.00 per league at MFL and it'd be split 12 ways.

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I'm trying to flesh out a set of rules that we can adjust later. I'll have more on sunday afternoon. Here's what I'm thinking right now.

Starting lineups:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K
1 Team D

I'm thinking we should have about 18 players on each team and have at least one injured reserve position per team.

Scoring System
qb, wr, te scoring:
Touchdowns passing= 4 points
Touchdowns recieving/rushing= 6 points
Passing yards: every 20 yards= 1 point
2 point conversion= 2 points

Extra Points= 1 point
field goals 0-39 yards= 3 points
40-49 yards= 4 points
50+ yards= 5 points

Defense/special teams:
Shutout= 10 points
1-6= 8 points
7-13= 6 points
14-20= 4 points
21-28= 2 points
29-34= 1 point
35-39= 0 points
50+= -5 points

Int/Fumble= 1 point
sack= 1 point
safety= 2 points
touchdowns= 6 points

This is just a starting point. I'm open for change on the rules.

By the way, the league's called the Fishing Minnesota League. I'm kind of surprised nobody took the name before.

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Lip_ripper, bushwacker, walleyeking and anyone else interested: You can E-mail me at [email protected]

It costs $5.83 per team to cover the myfantasyleague.com site if we can get enough owners together by the end of the month. Otherwise, the price goes up in august.

For those of you who aren't familiar with dynasty leagues, here's a description:
Dynasty leagues are for the serious fantasy football owner and require a commitment over multiple seasons. After the initial draft in a dynasty league's inaugural season, players remain on the same roster from one season to the next unless they are traded or released. Each year after the initial season, a draft is held for rookies only, so fantasy owners must be more in tune to the talent in college than an owner in a standard draft league.

This type of league also allows owners a more realistic experience managing a franchise as they must take into consideration how each transaction affects the future of their franchise.

We still need at least 8 more players!

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18 players to a roster is too many......Teams will begin to hoard and sit on players they don't need. More players on the free agent list make for a more diverse league with players moving around more.

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