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Bobby Bass

Things you can count on

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Things you can almost always count on..

When you put your boat on the trailer because of high winds, the winds will disappear.

The snow plow always fills in your driveway even if the blade could be turned the other way.

The jelly cap always falls face down on the floor.

When fishing a new lake the local bait shop always says "You should have been here yesterday"

When you have six letters to mail you always have just five stamps.

Nothing worse then to hear your canoe paddle partner say when you are three portages back "I thought you grabbed it"

The look on your dogs face when he is holding your keys in his mouth inside the truck and the doors are locked.

Going on the fall golf dream course and find out on the first tee that your wife exchanged all your white balls for pretty orange ones as a surprise gift.

Got any to add?

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When you get up in the middle of the night, you will not turn on the light and you WILL run into something

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