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Built a rod case rack for atv

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I thought there was a "show your atv" thread, but must be in HSO/FM purgatory somewhere wink Anyway...

I built this raised rack out of scrap lumber. The Otter case was a bit too wide to fit nicely in the drop basket and even then it took up room that 20# tanks or 5 gallon buckets, or a cooler wink would use. It fits two Otter cases, and the rear side folds down so that one can be opened up and sitting up there so my fat arse doesn't have to bend over to get stuff out, ha!

Added 2x4 piece with holes on each side, one side holds 3 rods for when hopping around, and the other hols a couple scoops and little bucket chisel. Now I can get at the locators in soft bags easily without moving a thing. It's held on by 4 U-bolts attached to the basket frame, so will come off easy in spring.

If I get any more chit on this thing I will have to change my name to Fred Sanford! wink


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My buddies (and my wife) used to call my old Foreman the "pack mule" but it didn't carry near what you have!

Feel free to take over the name! smile

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You sure are loaded for Bear there Box!!

I don't have any recent photos of my ATV rigged for ice fishing and I just purchased two new attachment racks for it. Arctic Cat has the speedrack system that is much like miniature receiver hitches built into the rank to accept various accessories.

One that I bought is for a 5 gallon bucket and the other for a cooler, etc. They slide right into the side of the front rack. Pretty slick, I will have to post up some pics of mine when its all locked and loaded.

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