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Carp fishing on Outdoor WI Jan 13

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Outdoor Wisconsin is going to have a carp fishing segment on the show Tues. Jan 13.

The show will be on the second TPT (public) channel KTCADT2 (2.2) at 6:00 am and again at 6:00 pm.

I don't know if cable/satt. subscribers get the second PTP channel or not but I get it off the airwaves.

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they were fishing the Twin River (Two Rivers, WI) going into Lake Michigan and were really hauling them in Euro-style

it appeared they were letting them go, but I don't recall them talking about it

they were sure handling them gently, though

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Yeah, I tried to find the program but didn't see it available for my satalite setup.

Sounds like it was a fun watch.Hopefully someone puts it out on youtube. smile

Off topic a lil.Just for the sake of a Carp chat in the winter time ...

If they were gentle and Euro about it as you were saying,

I would think they were released.Usually in Euro carping a great deal of"Carp care" is involved.

I Just finished two books and some videos on euro style carping and from what I gather its common to have Antiseptic on hand for any cuts on the fish or scales that have came off during the catch, bowl of water to keep the carp wet on the pad while dehooking.Keeping them wet all the time helps avoid any drying of the scales in which can keep the carp from having further/any mishaps, weighing sling used instead of a normal scale on the gills.Carps gills are much more sensitive and they tear easily, a nice cushion pad to set the Carp on.They encourage to lift the carp not more than two feet from the pad in case the carp should fall and injure itself.

When landing a carp, they net it first and leave the net in the water with the fish in it for a few minutes before putting it on the pad so the carp can catch it's breath so to speak and not just rushing in the whole thing.This is all done when the attentions of the angler are to safely release a Carp.Theirs much more into it I'm sure....

Not saying people in Mn should do the same with carp like some in other parts of the US and in the world do but I think to "some degree" a little bit less aggression to the fish we catch might be a good practice.

Maybe there's "something" to be learned here when a prized species what ever that may be is cared for in the Catch, picture and release process. Didn't meen to get all off topic.Just chatting/babbling crazy

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yeh Jeremy these guys were tournament carp fishermen and were working on getting funding to go to Romania to represent the US this past year (looked like it was filmed last spring)

they had the special net and the sling and were weighing each one

they even showed how to pick one up properly

also went into how to cast those long poles and showed putting boilies on with a needle

didn't see any chumming

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since we' talking about cool carp films, here's a neat one I just found this a.m.

kinda reminds me of some of the spots I've fished- this guy keeps it simple (compared to the Euro-style guys)

there's nearly 1700 comments on this video!!

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I like the rig he's using.Have to try that T-swivel sometime.That rod he used seemed like it was on the light side but the carp weren't that big to worry on that.He made out well just on that one outing.

Glad you found that video

Some of us need to see a video of someone fishing for Carp once in awhile to get through the winter.lol

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Very good video. If you can't get canned sweet corn to work try a dime sized ball of moistened and kneeded instant oatmeal. Size of circle hook 4s but no larger than 2s and only then if absolutely necessary; carp have small and very sensitive mouths.

Note however that chumming is illegal in Minnesota, even for carp.

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