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I'm currently fishing Namakogon in the nasty cold, not having much success. Targeting walleyes and crappies. Fished dawn to well into dusk with only northerns, a smallie, and a perch. Any advice on structure to target? We will be fishing tomorrow as well. Anything helps.

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Not having ever fished it I cant be much help, but I can say your not the only one struggling to catch fish during this cold snap. If I was you, I would do this though: Look for shallow water over some vegetation. There at least you may be able to catch more fish? Lately the dead sticks and set lines have been having more success for us. Good luck, and never hesitate to give us a call for any tips/etc..

good luck,


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Thanks I appreciate it! Today wasn't much better. Northerns were semi active which helped keep up moral. Other than that a few perch were caught. It's funny because I didn't get a chance to read your report until now and that was exactly our game plan today; shallow vegetation. Beautiful scenery up there.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Yeah, the last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful at my feeders. Then all of sudden today I was bombarded with multiple species!    I had 2 hen pheasants pecking around, then later the rooster showed up. There were robins everywhere. The blue jays are back to eating up the peanuts within minutes of me putting them out. I’ve actually been saving money the last couple weeks on sunflower chips, because the goldfinches disappeared. But today I had redpolls out there for the first time of the season. So I’ll have to start working some overtime to afford the food they go through! Have a lot more woodpeckers this winter than last year as well.
    • 🤣 man leech go chase some cottontails.   Man that was funny!
    • Yep mine are back as well other then the Cardinals and Blue Jay's yet.  
    • Hawg go to this site. It will help you id them.  https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/    
    • It looks like you were using my cell phone to take those pics. I'm also surprised an old guy like you could stay up that late! Just kidding!
    • Thank you, looks like I have a ton of them and not the goldies, I'm kind of disappointed. There's quite a bit of difference, I must have been fooled by the yellow on the siskins. It's been a while since I had either. I'm still looking for my bird books to identify the others. It seems the older I get the better I get at hiding stuff from myself! Thanks again, Mark
    • not my pic but here is a winter goldie. pretty drab
    • pine siskins. look a lot like winter goldies just smaller
    • Eyeguy, do you have a picture of a winter goldfinch and a pine siskin? I'm not 100% sure I know the difference. Any idea what the birds are I posted about with the colored backs? Those are on the safflower seed heavy, not on the niger at all. I wish I had a lens to take a picture to show you.